[Question #1691] Dermatitis sohoboric clarification

79 months ago
Im french sorry
The Last time I ask à question in november, I WAS NOT CLEAR

My situation.
Use to have MSM bottom PROTECTED with 5 or six différents males  and oral giving and réceptive NO condoms in Montreal 13 years ago.
5.6  girls non protected I meet on internet and allways protected when I chose prostitutes of course. All my sex stories Was bettween 2001 and 2006.
Since May 2008 I Am with the same women
And no sex with mens at all. Prostitutes but protected, Always.

First Im not sure I have dermatitis sohoboric and I should never red about that on the internet.
1. What do you think about my sex stories please and the hiv risk I took?

2 is it True IF I have dermatitis  ( because maybe its not even dermatitis but normal dry skin) And it Was related to Hiv I catch in 2003 2004 I would have many others ssymptoms by now ? 12 years by now...?
3 . I remember I already had some dry skin im m'y moustach in 2010 when I ask you questions on Med Help..so for me its look irrelevant because Im ypochondriac and O.C.D .
Since 2010 I went to 7 différent hospitals and they perform blood test each times and let me go...Dont you think even if theses blood test Was not Hiv spécific, IF the dermatitis( I think i have) since 2010 where due to Hiv my blood test would have at least shows sommes anomalies and push somes investigations furthers?
Il dont think I have Hiv but ocd.
I look myself 25 times in mirrors each Day to look for a skin change in the mirror. .its sad.

79 months ago
I Forget to ask:

Dr Hook ( the men working with you )
Said to me IF I would have cath Hiv bettween 2003 2006 I would probably become sick by now with no médications anyway.  Its 11 ..12 ..years...
Yes they are somes exceptions but usualy the vast majority have symptoms after 10 years if they dont take meds, are you agree with that?
79 months ago
Edward W. Hook M.D.
79 months ago

I'm sorry that you have not made more progress with your concerns since we last interacted.  You are still being paranoid and now impatient as well.  We do not monitor the site at all times and often it takes several hours before we are able to respond to a question.  you need to be patient.

Regarding seborrheic dermatitis.  This is easily diagnosed by a clinician.  What you describe does sound like seborrheic dermatitis.  Importantly however, seborrheic dermatitis is a VERY COMMON dermatologic problem.  Most people with SD do NOT have HIV.  In some people with HIV however SD can be severe. 

If you had acquired HIV 8 or more years ago, it is quite likely that you would have gotten severely ill by now or had abnormal blood tests.

My advice to you is the same as it was two months ago.  I suggest that you have an HIV test.  I am confident it will be negative and then you can stop worrying.  Even if it were positive (again, I am confident it will not be), knowing about an infection would allow you to seek treatment and live a normal life.  In contrast, for you to continue to worry about HIV is a waste of your time and energy.  EWH

79 months ago
Think you.
Im sorry Dr i Was not impatient. 
Its bécause the Web site Was indicate they where some movement on my question. ..like 10 minutes ago. ...instead of 45...

I paid 25 $ and your work worth more then that!!! Sorry for the miss understand. 
Im allways polite and greatfull for your work.

I will ask help for my ocd bécause  its not normal I always paranoid about Hiv even after professionnels like you tel me m'y risk are pretty low...
Good blessures you.
Jimmy from Québec, canada
Edward W. Hook M.D.
79 months ago
Jimmy.  Get tested if you have not.  EWH
79 months ago
I immagine you know the field since longtime and you can recognize a patient with major risk and à patient with lower risk like myself. 
IF by my historic of low risk activities and the fact its been more then 10 years and m'y Last blood test Was ok 3 weeks ago ( not Hiv spécific test but Still )
Probably you are right about the anticipation of à negative résults. 
You are objective and you just wish I stop worry after a probably négative result. 
Tanks à lot.
79 months ago
I promess this is m'y last question. 
You can close everyting after that.

Im french so I want to be sure...this is what you told  me DR. Want to be sure I understand. 
You can just say yes or no if you want!
Please read me carfully bécause im french and it Was à long work for me to wrote down all this texte!

1-So my dermatitis thing im not even sure I have its irrelevant and if it Was associate with Hiv I would have catch 11 years ago, I would have been sick in other way since ..
Its irrelevant because dermatitis associate with Hiv its severe and come probably In advance Hiv( overt Aids )so do not come 
Alone. I would have become sick in others Was as Well since 11 years ?

2.   M'y sexual histories before I meet m'y girfriend in May 2008 Was protected with anal men to men ( not for the oral part) And I did the good thing. For the girls from internet non protected but its pretty rare to catch hiv from a women one nights or two nights stand. PROSTITUTES ALWAYS PROTECTED of course.
so my sex stories 11 years ago Is not at  BiG risk for hiv anyway.

3 . the fact Im paranoid anyway and I went to 7 différent hospitals since 2009 and they did blood test because they just wanted if I Was ok ...( I did never talk about Hiv but they did blood test they calls screening a kind of Réassurance. ..since 7 years the  let me go with xanax

( Last one november 20016) And even if they where not Hiv spécific  probably they would have seen someting about my immune systems and push the investigation furthers, you Cant have dermatitis related from hiv and come back from the hospitals with à normal blood test. 

4 , so all this together, 
The fact my sexuals histories Was protected for the most dangerous part ( anal) with mens, ....the fact its Was 11 years ago and I IF I had hiv from 11 years ago I would have probably become sick without traitements
Plus,  all the routines blood test in all thèses hospitals since 10 years with normal blood
Tests,  it why I should test and expect à negative résults and stop worry!

5 . With all your expériences in this field ,when you read my post , its why you anticipate à Negative résult ?

6. Dont you think with my stories I paranoid to much about Hiv?

Edward W. Hook M.D.
79 months ago

Final answers.  In providing them I also need to point out to you that if you return with similar questions in the next few moths, these questions will be classified and anxiety related and will be deleted without comment or return of your fee.

Brief final answers

1. Right

2. Right

3. Probably

4.  Yes, you should test and expect the result to be negative, PROVING that you were not infected.

5.  Correct.

6.  Yes, I think you are being overly paranoid.

This concludes this thread.  The thread will be closed later this evening.  EWH

79 months ago
Tank you . You are very patient men, realy!