[Question #1706] Singer Club Mistake

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86 months ago
Hello and thank you for your work. Like many on your forum I did something I regret and am now worried. I went to a club and met a pretty aggressive lady. Please answer these questions about possible std's even though some have been asked before I would like my own reassurance.

1. Open mouthed kissing
2. Her masturbating me
3. Her masturbating me using her saliva for a lubricant (very short time. got her stopped)
4. Me fingering her vagina. Short time with no cuts or scraps on my finger
5. Would you be tested and at what point?

This is all that happened.  That was about 12 days ago, for the last 24 hours I have been running a fever with a congested chest and my left testical hurts a little. I have gotten prostate's in the past and the testical pain feels like that but wanted to mention. Of course Dr. Google says the first phase of HIV is flu like symptom's. So wanted to ask about this for sure!

Thank you again!
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Edward W. Hook M.D.
86 months ago

Welcome to our Forum.  I'll be pleased to comment on your questions. 

STIs are actually harder to get than most people believe and the events and exposures you describe did not put you at risk for HIV or any other STI.  First most people, even most exotic dancers and commercial sex workers do not have an STI of any sort.  Secondly, even with genital to genital contact (which you did NOT have), most exposures to infected persons do not lead to infection;  Thirdly and most importantly there are no STIs that are transmitted though: kissing (even deep kissing); through masturbation of a sexual partner; or through receipt of masturbation from a sexual partner, even when saliva is used for lubrication.  thus I can assure you that although you appear to regret the events that took place, they did not put you at ANY risk for any STI, including HIV.  There is absolutely no reason for concern or for testing related to the events that you describe. 

I hope my comments are reassuring.  EWH