[Question #1742] HS2

75 months ago

Hi - I have a new partner.  2 months.  He just had an outbreak (first ever) and tested positive for HS2 (recent infection) - last 90 days.  I've never had an outbreak nor any Herpes symptoms to my knowledge.  I just got testing back saying that I was positive too and that I had an older exposure. 

My question is - does this mean that I absolutely infected him?  And, if so, how to I communicate this to him in a way that is understandable.  I had NO Idea I had herpes or could infect anyone.....I am most concerned about how to communicate this and, if we stay together, how to be most safe to avoid repetition...

Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
75 months ago
So I think that you are referring to the use of the IgM test in him and the IgG test in you.  In reality, these tests are not useful for timing the date of infection, though IgM tests might be helpful for that purpose with other viral infections, just not herpes.  Did he get a swab test done of a lesion?  What was the index value (number) associated with your IgG positive result?  Do you know if he had an IgG test done or just an IgM test done?  If he had a positive swab test of a lesion and a negative IgG test, this strongly suggests new infection - he had virus present on his skin but not enough time had passed for him to have made IgG antibody.  That would suggest that you infected him, yes. 
If you both have HSV 2 infection, there are no more worries about this between you - you can have sex as you wish without concerns. 
So about 80% of those infected with HSV 2 don't know it so you are not alone.  If you change partners, you will need to disclose this information to others and may wish to consider daily antiviral therapy to reduce the risk of infecting another person.  Please let me know what other questions you might have.