[Question #1744] Protected bj

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88 months ago
So I was at the strip club and received a Blow job from a stripper.  I wore a condom and ejaculated inside the condom. Being a worry wort. i had levaquin left over from prostate ibfection . so i took that for about 10 days. Saw the uroligist he put me on flagyl and doxyccline. I was having burning in urine. Did a std test through std express, which is done by quest diagnostics. Negative for gonorhea, chlamydia , syphillis. Got tested 3 days after encounter. And again 15 days later all tests. Negative. I know have a bumpy rash on the head of my penis.  I dont know if its hpv or herpes or what. Only appeared about 6 days ago. Ive had hpv warts in the past. But no breakout in years. Like i said tge bj was condom protected. Ive been to the uroligist and my family doctor and both say they dont see anything. Should i go see a dermatologist or see if the rash and bumps pass. And lastely should i be tested for herpes hiv and syphillis again. Im married and want to keep my wife safe. Even though we already had unprotected sex after the incident. Is 15 days good on tge syphillis test as well. I guess im wondering why would the rash and bump be on the penis tip if i was condom protected.  That is all. 
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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
88 months ago
Welcome back to the forum. Thanks for your question.

Oral sex is low risk for all STDs (and zero risk for some) even without a condom. With apology for what may seem like harsh words, given this exposure you're really done just about everyting wrong. It made no sense for you to take levofloxacin on your own, or for the urologist to treat you with metronidazole (Flagyl) and doxycycline. The metronidazole in particular was nonsense:  the only STD it treats is trichomnonas, which is not carried in the oral cavity and never can be acquired by oral sex. (I have to suspect you talked the urologist into treatment. If s/he understood the nature of the exposure, s/he must have known there was no chance you were infected.)

I'm not sure I understand the timing of when you took which antibiotics, but any testing done afterward, especially the ones at 15 days, were meaningless:  even if somehow you had been infected or maybe carrying either one before the exposure, you would have been cured and the tests negative. As for your penile rash, it also cannot have anything to do with the oral sex exposure, unless perhaps you are allergic to latex or a spermicide or lubricant on the condom. There is no possibility such a rash is herpes. Syphilis can cause a "bumpy rash", but only 3+ months after catching it. 

If the rash persists, it would make sense to see a physician, perhaps a dermatologist. But in the meantime, disregard any thoughts about STD from the oral sex event. No chance.

I hope this information has been helpful. Let me know if anything isn't clear.