[Question #1745] what is the truth on HIV transmission internet myths

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89 months ago
Doctor hunter ! 

It's me again for the last time hopefully first of all thank you for helping me on the needle phobia it's gone yes no fear on that  . But not because of counselling it's because of you .&dr hook . Yes it took one extra post but I made it . 

I did try to attend  professional help a bit . But some doctors were just plain misinformed  . One doctor even said you can get HIV form nail clipper so I just bailed . Please note these are  NEW questions and peace of mind I recive here is no where else because you have science based assurance  and would be helpful for  that you can tell me are internet myths or real 

Here goes :>

1)  if HIV+ spread through someone spitting on your mouth or eye ? 

2) if you think you have minor blood splash on your eye or mouth  has anyone got HIV this way ? 

3)  if person finger with poor hygiene had his finger in my mouth and Maybe had a few drops of blood and I swallowed it would that be a risk swallowing a bit of blood a risk this is important (possible fist fight) 

4) to clarify point number 3 has anyone been infected by swallowing HIV blood ever recorded? 

5 eating  food or drinks . Contaiminated with blood ? (Restraunt's)

6 sharing nail clippers 

Are these internet myths ? Or reality ? 

Can you address point number 3 &4 that's kinda important . 

7What do I need to do to be HIV free for the rest of my life . 

Thank you for patience with me doctor hunter but you did help me on the needle phobia . This is all I need to know now so kindly address it . Please note this is a NEW Question  I wrote with patience and not anxiety and is not repeative . 

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Edward W. Hook M.D.
88 months ago

While these questions are slightly different from your multiple earlier questions, they are, in essence, the same questions you have asked before.  As such, this is mis-use of our Forum and for that reason, while I will address these questions only on this reply and there will be NO FURTHER ANSWERS OF ANY KIND THAT DO NOT INVOLVE YOUR OWN DIRECT SEXUAL ACTIVITY.  No hypothetical questions will be answered.  HIV is spread ONLY through direct sexual contact or introduction (most often by injection) of HIV deep into tissue where it can enter the blood stream.  While touching infected blood or secretions, with or without cuts or scrapes of the surface that touched it might theoretically lead to infection, I know of no such transmissions and if they occur at all, they are extraordinarily rare.  

1.  No, HIV is not spread by getting another person's saliva in your mouth or eye.  Even if the person has blood in their saliva, even if you have a sore or dental problems.

2.  No one has ever gotten HIV by having blood from an infected person splash into their mouth or eye.

3.  No, no one has ever gotten HIV by having someone place a finger with blood or secretions into another persons mouth

4.  No, no one has ever been proven to get HIV by swallowing blood. 

5.  No one has ever gotten HIV by eating or drinking food or drink contaminated by blood

6.  No one has ever been shown to have acquired have by sharing nail clippers.

The sorts of "risks" you describe are commonly mentioned on the internet and some of them have a theoretical basis, in the same way that you could theoretically be struck by a meteorite from space while reading this.  These theoretical concerns represent common sense- no one wants to swallow another person's blood, etc. but for practical purposes these are no risk events.  I advice you to stay of the internet on this topic.

7.  To avoid HIV for the rest of your life you need to not share needles or receive injections from needles which have been used on other people and avoid sex with infected persons.  If you do not know the person's HIV status, you should practice safe sex until you do.

This is the only reply you are going to receive as part of this post.  Further, I REPEAT, you will receive no further answers from this Forum for questions that do not involve you own, direct sexual activity.  This thread will be closed in one hour.  EWH

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88 months ago
Wait just want to say thank you 

I won't go on the internet promise 

That's why I came that's all thank you 

Just one single word would do for this that is all 

Yes or no 

1 ) Even if an infected finger of blood would touch my gums won't be a risk ?  

Yes or no would do just fine doctor I can't go anywhere else these replies you gave nobody will give just one reply on this point and am off 

Thank you doctor I'm just a young man trying to find my way thank you 

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88 months ago
Meant to say touched finger blood on my gum would not also matter gum condition won't matter ? 

A simple yes or no that is all 
Thank you dr hook