[Question #1758] STDs and HIV risk due to multiple body to body massages in last 6 months

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86 months ago

I am a married man, in Australia. I visited massage parlours/escorts for 12-13 times in last 6 months for body to body massages/hand jobs. Girls and I were naked and rubbed our bodies with each other. They used to touch my anus, penis, and scrotum, licked my nipples also it’s possible that during these encounters, my bare penis would have touched their vagina, anus, buttocks and breasts from outside, but I always masturbated myself in end. However I came by boob jobs couple of times and came on the massage girl’s body. Also I kissed some of them on lips, though these were not very long or deep kisses, but saliva exchange was there. I licked their boobs and kissed on body and buttocks. In all cases, either oil/cream was used. In last encounter, I felt that the lady appeared to be a transgender. I never fingered any girl, but would have touched the vagina and anus from outside. And there were never oral or any kind of penetrative sex.
What if they were infected with STDs or HIV, and had their saliva, vaginal secretions or some blood and then we did above activities, or I had some cut. Also I am not sure if they cleaned themselves after meeting other customers and also not very sure about the cleanliness levels of their sheets or towels.
My questions are below: 
1. Am I at risk of any STDs including HPV or HSV, Hepatitis B or C?
2. Am I at any risk of HIV? 
3. Am I at any risk for any other dangerous diseases?

Should I get myself tested? Can I have sex wd my wife without worry

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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
86 months ago
WElcome to the forum. Thanks for your quesiton.

These exposures carried no measurable risk for any STDs. Hand-genital contact and body rubbing are risk free; even vaginal or anal fingering, which apparently you avoided, carrlies little or no risk. Oral contact with skin anywhere on the body, including breasts and buttocks, is no risk. Masseuses' personal hygiene also makes no known difference. If there is any risk at all from these contacts.

To be explicit in response to your specific questions:  No risk at all for any STDs, including all the ones you mention. Also no signfiicant risk for any "dangerous" diseases I can think of.  The greatest infection risks from such events are for common cold, influenza, viral diarrhea, etc.

So I see no need for testing or for alteration of your sexual contacts with your wife.

I hope this information has been helpful. Let me know if anything isn't clear.