[Question #1785] test accuracy

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85 months ago

How accurate are the NAAT urine gonorrhea  and trich tests for men?

Can gonorrhea be treated with out ceftriaxone.

Will trich clear on its own?

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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
85 months ago
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your simple, straightforwar question.

NAAT on urine will detect virtually 100% of urethral gonorrhea in men, if there are symptoms (discharge, etc). If no symptoms, it probably picks up 90-95% of cases. Urine testing cannot diagnose gonorrhea at other sites, such as throat or rectum. The trichomonas NAAT was developed primarily to test women. It probably detects at least 90% of infections in men, but it hasn't been studied extensively. If you are the sex partner of a woman with vaginal trichomonas, you should be treated, regardless of the test result.

The recommended treatment of gonorrhea is ceftriaxone plus either a single dose of azithromycin or 7 days of doxycycline. Certain other drugs can be substituted for ceftriaxone. Some antibiotics are entirely ineffective against gonorrhea, and others are less reliable. The shot is almost painless, really no reason not to do it. There are no non-prescription treatments.

Trichomonas in men probably clears on its own, perhaps over several months. However, some cases persist for years. there has been no research on this, so no further details are available.

I would be happy to provide additional advice, which might be more helpful, if you would like to provde more details about the situation. Have you been diagnosed with gonorrhea or trichomonas? Sex partner diagnosed? Have you been tested? In the meantime, I hope this information is helpful.