[Question #1809] STD Concerns from Continued Symtoms

80 months ago
Hello again docs. So, here's where I am at this point. 14 weeks of negative tests. First test was at 10 weeks post and all negative. It was from receiving oral from a male. (I'm a male) I did not give. From all the posts from both Dr. Hook/Hansfield, trich and chlamydia were not really a concern. So I guess my only real worry is GN. I did not get any symtoms until at least 6 weeks post and that was only sensations in penis tip and slight irritation AFTER urinating on and off. No discharge and still no discharge that I can see even in morning. Went to GP because symptoms were prostate related and it was enlarged. Prescribed Flowmax and it's really has helped with stream. Now here I am at 18 weeks post and my symptom are; These are my on/off symptoms; Eyes dry, tired, twitchy, slight occas. discharge in morning - very achy neck glands, arm pits, groin, neck, legs - fatigue, sleeplessness, lightheded - occas. pressure in ears and very slight throat irritation but not sore and easy to swallow - penis tip irritation  after urinating still. I did NOT have sex for all for 10 weeks and maybe that didn't help the prostate. Does not hurt to now ejaculate. High anxiety level on/off throughout entire 18 weeks.  I was treated w/ 1g Zithro/200mg Dox after the 10 week NEG tests. What do you think at this point? Stress, non-Chlamydial NGU, or prostatitis? Can I resume unprotected sex with my wife? She doesn't seem to have symptoms. Would she have from GN? Internet says less that 5% of women show symptoms. 
Edward W. Hook M.D.
80 months ago

You really need to believe your test results.  If you had any STI, including gonorrhea, your tests would have been positive, not to mention that the antibiotics you have taken would have cured most gonorrhea if it had been present (which is was not).  There is no risk to your wife!  The symptom complex you describe does not suggest ANY STI at this time.  My sense is that you are hyper-aware and need to move forward.  Further testing or treatment for STI is a waste of time and other resources.  I will not interpose myself between you and your doctor but in my opinion, if you cannot move on by yourself, it is time for you to seen the advice of a professional counselor to help you address your anxiety and guilt.  EWH.