[Question #183] Erotic Massage & Handjob

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103 months ago
Good day

I am male, 45 years old, circumcised since my 8th birthday.

From a prostitute, I have received a full body massage.
With oil she massaged my whole body and end up also my penis until the end.
The lady was dressed in underwear, contact has given only through their hands.

Now it is written everywhere that Petting (what it was then) does not include the HIV risk.

Unfortunately, I did not have seen exactly her hands and fingers.
Theoretically, the lady if had blood on their hands, that would change the risk situation?

Thanks for your reply.
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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
103 months ago
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question.

HIV and other STDs are only transmitted by sex, which does not include massage, including "full body". Handling your penis carried no risk. It is not necessary that you did not directly see her hands and fingers. The chance she had blood on them is extremely low (would you massage anyone with blood on your hands???); and even if she did, HIV and STDs are not transmitted in that way. To prevent HIV, avoid unprotected vaginal or anal sex (penis in vagina or anus) and do not share drug injection equipment with other persons. That's it. No other precautions are necessary.

So all is well. There is no chance you were infected and you do not need testing for HIV. If you have a regular sex partner, you can continue normal unprotected sexual relations with that person without any risk of transmitting HIV or any other STD.

I hopet his has helped. Best wishes--  HHH, MD