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87 months ago
Hi Doctor hook,

I am again back here and need your reassurance for my hiv risk.

You told me not to worry about the HIV risk regarding recieving oral sex but you mentioned the low risk associated with me when licking the shaft of the penis of a transextual for 10 seconds.... I am extremely anxious and after that event as i dont know if there was precum outside the penis on the shaft and whether than 10 seconds can give me  HIV. I didnt taste any precum at all though as it was very very short.

1) 18 days - Melbourne Pathology -- Antigen / Antibody test.
2) 24 days - Dorevitch Pathology --- HIV combo hiv 1 /2 Antigen / Antibody . Method changed to Siemens Centaur ... ( To exclude infection test at 3 months)
3) 30 days --  Dorevitch Pathology --- HIV combo hiv 1 /2 Antigen / Antibody . Method changed to Siemens Centaur ..


4) 37 days --  Dorevitch Pathology --- HIV combo hiv 1 /2 Antigen / Antibody . Method changed to Siemens Centaur ..

Here in Melbourne, Melbourne sextual centre,  they follow a 6 weeks window period. I spoke to a nurse in melbourne sextual centre and explained.. She said the test are so sensitive that it is really 4 weeks. 
MY GP unfortunately has no knowledge of the fourth generation HIV test and just mentions 3 months and nothing more. 

1) Based on your experience,  You and the HIV experts why they say that fourth generation is conclusive at 4 weeks.. I see every where there is 12 weeks.
The only places in melbourne i see 6 weeks is Melbourne sextual and paramatta sextual clinic is sydney.
2) Can my 4 duo test miss an infection?
3) Should i worry about been tested at 37 days ?
4) Should i test again at 42 days which will be 6 weeks.
5) Have you seen in the recent years that DUO misses an infection at 4 weeks and proved that it is not conclusive?
6) Why is there 3 months advise ?

Thanks a lot for your expert help.

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Edward W. Hook M.D.
87 months ago

Your new questions are repetitive and ignore the advice that Dr. Handsfield and I have provided you in the past.  For that reason, you will now receive a single, brief answer and this thread will be closed.

1.  Dr. Handsfield and I have both answered this question already, as have the people at the Melbourse SH Center.  Thus, you do not hear 12 weeks from "everywhere".  The 1 week recommendation is an overly conservative, package insert recommendation.  You decide who you want to believe but our answers, nor the answers from the Melbourne SH Center are going to change because you are nervous.

2.  Already answered- NO!

3.Your 30 day test was definitive, your  day test was a waste of time and money.

4.  There is no medical need for further testing.

5.  Already answered, No.

6. Previously explained- these are conservative recommendations based on the fact that 4th tests are approved to the same standard as older, less sensitive tests.  

This thread will be closed later today.  EWH  . 

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87 months ago
thanks doctor means i can put this behind ans move on without any concern or testing? 

Combined fourth generation test are conclusive at 30 days u mentioned ... You have been saying it for many years ... Why is it not accepted worldwide ?