[Question #1869] Protected bj

80 months ago
Worried if i passed std to my wife after protected bj from stripper.  Ive asked the same question before.  Basically i self medicated with levaquin for 10 days after exposure. Saw uroligist was having irritated urine he gave me doxycycline.  Saw basically i took levaquin for 10 days and doxy for 5. So my wife and i had sex 15 days after the exposure which is equivalent to the medicine i had. Dr HH told me not to worry about std with condom protected oral. I completely agree and rely on his advice. My main worry was herpes and syphillis.  I saw my dermatologist he said he hasnt noticed anything although i notice tiny bumps on penis . he told me to take valtrex just in case it might be herpes but he thinks im just overlooking at things. I know these antibiotics cleared up gon or chlamydia if i even had it. But im worried about the herpes and the syphillis.  I had a herpes2 test about 2 months after exposure and a syphillis and hiv test 4 weeks after exposure. Both negative. Long story short. Could I have given my wife herpes or syphillis.  And do i need to test anymore for syphillis to be on the safe side. I apologize for a repeat of the same question answered a month ago but i couldn't reply to Dr H original follow up. Herpes and syphillis are my main concern. Negative so far for hiv syphilis chlamydia and gonorrhea.  Mostly worried about my wifes health 
Edward W. Hook M.D.
80 months ago
Welcome back the Forum. Dr. Handsfield closed your thread because there had been no activity on it for nearly a month. typically we use a 2 week time window before closing threads.  I did read your interaction with Dr. Handsfield and agree with all he said.  Turning to now focus on herpes and syphilis I can assure you that you did not acquire either of these infections, not did you give it to your wife.  The doxycycline you took would have prevented syphilis is the VERY, VERY unlikely circumstance that you were exposed (oral syphilis is very, very uncommon and your condom would have prevented exposure even further).  Your recent blood test proves that you did not get syphilis, as does the fact that you have not developed a genital ulcer on the portion of your penis that was not covered with the condom.

As for herpes, the evidence is likewise compelling that you did not get herpes.  Herpes type 2 is almost never acquired form receipt of oral sex and you have a negative blood test at 2 months when over 90% of HSV blood tests are positive.  All of this, coupled with the facts that you have not developed herpetic lesions and you were condom protected combines to make the possibility of herpes just not a realistic concern.

Finally, had your wife gotten herpes, she likely would have developed symptoms.

My sense is that your problem is one of guilt, not STIs. there is no need for further testing for STIs of any sort, nor a reason for concern.
I hope my comments will help you to move forward.  Take care.  EWH