[Question #1876] Hsv-2 herpes question

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87 months ago

I am a 30-year old woman with a history of ALL negative std testing and minimal sexual partners (I have had 3 in my life).  On Monday night, February 27th, I was with a new man I am dating. We did *NOT* have sex. We simply were kissing in bed but on top of each other aggressively. He was very aggressive. I had very thin cotton leggings (pants) on the entire time. They never came off, ever. His hands or skin did not touch my skin directly in any way.  He had his boxers on the entire time as well. 
However, I noticed my pants were 100% soaking wet, and my vagina was bleeding. 

The next day (Tuesday) I called my doctor to make an appointment for my bleeding vagina. I was nervous about infection, etc. I made an appointment for Wednesday. 

On Wednesday at noon, the doctor told me I had herpes.  She brought a 2nd doctor in the office who also told me I had herpes. They said it could be from trauma, but it looks like herpes. So, they put me on Valtrex for the week. 

I had one very clear and distinct ulceration on my vagina, outside the urethra.  The doctor took a culture and did a blood test. BOTH came back negative. HOWEVER, the day she did the culture, I had zero tingling, itching and I am concerned she took the culture too early, and it is a false negative?? <--- that is my first question. Can it be a false negative if it was taken too early? And can it be a false negative if she saw the start of an ulceration?

The 2nd question is if it is even possible to get herpes through wet cotton leggings/grinding? Especially since I had open vaginal cuts/blood?

I am basically living in a massive anxiety attack until I can do another blood test in 2-3 months. 
I would appreciate your help and expertise!

(In general, I should tell you that since my last boyfriend gave me oral sex (in 2014) I have had a highly itchy, sensitive vagina. I have not had sex since 2014, since him. So it has been 3+ years. My vagina seems to bleed/cut/itch very easily since I had an itchy reaction to him. Yet, several doctors told me at the time that the itching from him was purely dermatological. I have never had std's.)

I would be so enormously grateful for any help. I am not a promiscuous person and I honestly feel like the most unlucky person on Earth if this is the way I got herpes - through leggings. 
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Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
87 months ago
I do not think you got herpes through leggings, no.  But the trauma of all the aggressive rubbing could cause a recurrence if you had herpes before.  The negative swab test is good news for sure - the earlier the swab test is gathered in a potential outbreak, the better.  I also think the appearance of lesions is way too early in the course of things to be herpes - the way you are describing it, the lesion appeared less than 48 hours after the sexual contact, do I have the timing right there? 
What was the vaginal bleeding about?  Was it time for your period or were you bleeding from this ulceration?  I'm a little confused here. 
It is possible that your previous partner gave you HSV 1 genitally by giving you oral sex - that would recur infrequently and HSV 1 is missed about 30% of the time on an IgG blood test .  The other way to sort this out is to ask the man with whom you had the contact to be tested, do you think you could do that?
I have never seen nor heard of someone getting an STI while wearing clothing. 
Try not to panic here - I've certainly seen things that I was sure were herpes that were NOT herpes - great lesson for me that even me, with 33 years of experience, can get faked out by something that looks like a herpes lesion that isn't.