[Question #1880] Finger nail question from last night my crucial mistake .

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87 months ago
Dear dr 

Thank you last night saying finger nail are impervious and not suspectibble To HIV 

I just made dumb  dumb mistake forgot one thing do all of these apply for TOE nails also which are on your feet ?   

I am sorry for missing out but a brief reply would be enough for me sorry to bug you I just don't have answer for this and it's not on the internet 

QA)toe  nails are the same as finger nails ? And they will perform the same way finger nails they are impervious to HIV blood or anything ?  Thus HIV blood cannot pass through and give HIV through or under toe nail ?

Qb)The skin beneath a toe nailthat had been damaged and fallen off would not be susceptibel to HIV either ?  (Missing toe nail )

Qc) toe nails will perform same as skin and not  let HIV through over or under toe nail ? 

 Qd) Very simple : Whatever I read for finger nails last night they all apply for toe nails(which are on your feet) ,100 percent same ? 

Please just answer this in brief so that I don't confuse myself thank you and sorry 

Really sorry for coming back I just forgot about this and confused it's not on the internet anywhere :( 

It was a genuine mistake please do not forfeit payment I beg of you  I would like you to welcome me just one last time . As it was genuine mistake but a foolish one 
Sorry this is the last of me bless you 

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87 months ago
Susceptible means cannot harm ? Cannot infect ? Or unlikely  

The only reason and justification for asking is that this is professional websiteand there is much Miss information on other websites so please please  honour this request just this once .  
Maybe my question was ridiculous I don't know 

I Have faith you will honour this as it was a genuine mistake on my side and you help people . 

I only have faith with such high experts on this forum 

Thank you again

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Edward W. Hook M.D.
87 months ago
Repetitive, silly question whose answer is obvious.  All that was said about finger nails was true about toe nails.  HIV can not be acquired through a toe nail.  You are abusing the Forum and its intent.  This thread will now be closed.  EWH
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87 months ago
Before you close 

I realise that  I must give respect to you for honouring my request 

You are an asset to everyone around the world doctor . 

The fact you responded only increased my respect for you even though I don't know you . May gods blessing be upon you !