[Question #1885] my glan(penis head) touch fresh blood on toilets( only second)

80 months ago
hello my situation is very special
someone used  toliet   and put some hiv  blood on toliet  
he leave only one minute and i use  that toliet.
and  i  sure   my glans touch  his  blood  the time is very short time ( immediately)i think my glan touch very fresh blood   
1.my  glans touch very fresh hiv  blood in that toliet and whose blood only leaving body for  second  so i have a big risk for that?
2. hiv infectious blood  outside the body(only for second leaving body)  can able to infect people?(like touch glan or wound)

3.hiv  infectious  blood  once exposed  to the air and environment  or toliet  and  my glans (Urethra)  penis head  immediately touch  hiv infectious blood (this blood only leave body form second)  i have a big risk?
thank dr  i am very sad now
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
80 months ago
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question.

I'm afraid you are victim of inappropriate education about HIV transmission. "Blood contact' is a risk only with direct injection of infected blood, such as sharing drug equipment with other persons; or, in past years, by transfusion. Simple contact of the skin (including the glans penis) with HIV infected blood would not put you at risk. It does not matter if the blood was "fresh". Nobody in the world has ever caught HIV from the kind of exposure you describe. To your specific questions:

1) There is no chance of catching HIV in this situation.

2) If there were contact of fresh, infected blood with a new open wound (within a couple minutes of being injured), there might be a risk. But this did not happen, so no worries.

3) This is the wrong quesiton. We know that transmission does not occur in this situation. Therefore, the biological reasons for no risk are not important. Exposure to air probably does not kill HIV; but drying does.

For those reasons, there is no reason to be frightened or to be "very sad now". You are not at risk for HIV from this situation. No risk, no worries.

I hope this information is helpful. Best wishes.


80 months ago
Thank you dr   but  i ready about medhelp post 
i found other dr say
Glans (glands) have mucous membranes with immune cell linings susceptible to HIV infection
While you are correct that the tissue of the penile glans is vulnerable to infection by HIV, as I said above, transfer of infection blood
and in taiwan doctor also  always think  tissue of  penile glans (can call  Urethra)   is vulnerable to infection by HIV  so  i see about that 
1. hiv infected blood Contact  to  tissue of  penile glans (can call  Urethra) is very high risk  
2. tissue of  penile glans (can call  Urethra) like fresh wound ?
3. taiwan doctor post  always think tissue of  penis head  is vulnerable to infection by HIV fresh blood and  secretions

thank you H. Hunter Handsfield, MD  so nice to meet you!!!!!

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
80 months ago
I have told you that there is no risk from this sort of event, and the reasons why.

1) This is NOT high risk at all.
2) No, not true.
3) I am not going to debate a doctor in Taiwan or anywhere else.

You came to this forum for our expertise. Accept it or not, I don't care. But this is not a debate. You are not at risk. Believe it and move on without worry.

80 months ago
Thank you a lot  H. Hunter Handsfield, MD   you are really so nice 
sorry nice DR  i really so worry!
 because i really worry about that all month and i ready a lot of  posts  
this is   my  last question
i want sure  a question  
1. so   my tissue of  penile glans (call  Urethra) my glan  have  wound)touch fresh wet hiv blood  is not a HIV infection risk 
i need pep or test for that? 
i promise i will  move on without worry.

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
80 months ago
You are asking the same questions. There is no risk for HIV from your glans touching wet HIV infected blood and you do not need PEP or testing for HIV. However, I suggest you get tested. Clearly you are irrationally worried, and probably you will continue to worry despite my advice. Having a negative 4th generation (antigen-antibody) test at 4 weeks would be conclusive evidence. This does NOT mean I believe you were at risk. I do not; I recommend testing only for reassurance, if you feel it will help you stop worrying.

I also recommend you stop searching the internet about this. Like most anxious persons, you are being drawn to information that magnifies your fears.

80 months ago
i also know Dr you mean
Really thank  you  i will accept your dr advice  

and when my glan has some  surface wound  little bleeding touch  hiv infectious blood also no risk?

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
80 months ago
But your glans does not have such a wound. So why worry? IF you cut yourself in the presence of fresh, HIV ifnected blood, you could be at risk. But that did not happen.

You came here for my professional advice. You have it. There is nothing more I can say and this thread is now over. Do your best to move on without worry. Also note that repeat questions are not permitted on the forum. Please do not be tempted to return to ask anything else about such an exposure. There is no additional information you can provide that would change our opinions or advice.