[Question #1905] Hiv infected products and acess to eyes nose penis and anus mr hunter

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84 months ago
Dear hunter handsfeild I have searched the whole universe just to find you and I can't believe my eyes . I would have traveled the world just to meet you easier were the days when HIV can be caused by sex or drug injection equipment but past 4days I read something absolutely ridiculous  which have caused doubt  my questions are below with full truth and no I do not have OCD just lack of understanding 

1)I am afraid to use products such as creams ,shampoos ,shaving cream and oils can HIV live in such products even if they are contaminated? 

2) I had no idea hiv could be spread through blood in the eye mouth or nose . If infected material goes into my nose is that access to blood stream can one get infected ? 

3) whenever I take shower I get uncomfortable that contaminated products that I may have used they can go into my eyes,mouth , nose , and into my penis hole and my anus hole (opening ) . Does the penis unthrea and anus(butt hole )opening allow anything to go into your blood stream .when I'm taking a shower is water entering my anus and penis opening and water is going to straight into the blood stream every time I take a shower ? .  .or it prevents any fluids to get inside and into the blood stream and protects like skin does  can I have general answer ? can infected fluids penetrate my penis and anus hole 

4)if I was using HIV blood /semen or secretions itself  does that cause infection once it's outside the body through my
eyes mouth nose penis hole(where urine comes out ) and anus (butt hole) through natural flow of the fluids if poured on my head and it flows into my eyes nose penis and anus and also rubbing the liquids myself will using my hands once it's outside the body can it cause HIV ?any documented case this way ? Please explain even it's irrational so that I get confidence 

It all  started with a counsellor I met 4days ago  . 
And question 4 is most valuable to me doctor  give your advice.  

 give all your knowledge I am  much lost ,follow up requested the only anxiety I will have if I don't get to talk to you further because I believe only you .thanks 

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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
84 months ago
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question.

You have misunderstood something you found on line, or were given misinformation. HIV has never been transmitted by exposures of the kinds you are worried about.

1,3) There is no possibility that a newly purchased product like these would be contaminated with HIV; and no risk of infection if somehow it were.

2) Theoretically HIV might be transmitted by getting infected blood in the eye, mouth, or nose. But these are extremely rare if they occur at all. It's nothing to worry about.

4) I don't understand this question. If you're asking if somehow your own semen or anal discharge could infect you with HIV, of course that cannot happen.

To avoid HIV your entire life, always have safe sex (care in choosing partners, condoms for vaginal or anal sex with new or potentially unsafe partners) and do not share drug injection equipment with other persons. That's all.

If these comments seem to conflict with what the counselor told you, discuss it with him or her again. You could print out this thread and use it as a framework for discussion.

I hope these comments have been helpful. Let me know if anything isn't clear.


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84 months ago
Thanks for reply I like how to avoid HIV rest f your life . And how this is no risk I have only two things in mind and I want you to give me the logic behind it can you please do that for me and I'll ride of into the sunset doc . The problem is I am glued to your approval at the moment so my two main questions are below 

Q1) the reason why I asked why can't hiv live in oils and creams  it always remain in liquid form so how long does HIV die in liquid products if HIV blood or secretions are present in them . 

I go to Baber  they use  creams and oils which  and if they were contaminated I want to WHY HIV  cannot live in them my doctor said think of it as plant on a surface of the sun once they are out and get diluted in oil they will die . 

Even if it's HIV blood in the bottle or cream in bottle of barber shop can I just think HIV dies once it's outside the host and cannot survive ? . 

Q2) when I asked Hiv  fluids(e.g someone's menstrual blood ) entering my anus and penis hole  I meant to ask when im taking a shower does water always enter penis hole and butt hole and go into my blood stream ?

if I have someone's contaimneted HIV blood on my chest and back  ? Would flow of shower water allow infected fluids to enter the anus and penis hole ?

Or they act like skin barrier and don't allow anything to enter in blood stream . 

my doctor says if you have  HIV menstrual blood on your body and your taking a shower nothing will enter your penis hole or anus hole because .. Both external and internal sphinter are present in the anus and urethra.
No fluids would enter the blood stream from natural flow of showering  watering on your penis and anus when taking a bath  and Is he correct ? 

Do you understand q2)) I just have one post left so please take time out  and  to simplify does water enter my blood stream from penis and anus hole whenever I'm taking a shower or it prevents anything from going into my private parts and into blood stream   I just want to know how my private parts offer protection . Thanks :(

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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
84 months ago
1) It is probable that HIV cannot survive in such creams etc. If it does, it would be sufficiently diluted that there would not be enough virus to transmit. HIV infection requires exposure to LARGE amounts of virus that must be exposed to certain cells deep inside the body. Even with infected semen in the vagina, the woman has only 1 chance in 2,000 of catching HIV. Nobody in the world ever was infected in the ways you fear and you will not be the first. Forget about it.

2) I have no idea whether shower water always enters the anus when bathing. Probably yes. But so what? Here too, nobody has ever caught HIV in this way. This is a bizarre thing to worry about.

Ask your doctor about possible mental health counseling.  Your thinking about all this is highly irrational and abnormal and I have to suspect there is an underlying psychological problem. Normal people do not have such thoughts. Please don't take this as criticism, just a physician's objective evaluation. I suggest it from compassion.

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84 months ago
Dear doc question 1 and 2 are both clear .  When you said nobody has been effected this way  gave me a lot I just need one or two piece of detail information just like you provided in the previous question then I assure this will be the last of me  and your words are more powerful than any other doctor . 

Doctor the whole part of the question was I had fear of eye mouth and nose exposure to HIV from environmental products or by coming in contact with  hands With HIV person think these are just internet myths .

1)To start mr Ed hook says who hasn't disagreed with you 30 years say no one has got HIV by having blood splash into there eye because the eye has complex cleaning system 

Second point he made  no one has gotten HIV by swallowing blood so that gave me a piece of Mind 

My questions are doc to conclude 

Q1) should I I ever worry about eye and mouth and nose exposure ever from environment such as splashes to my face which can enter my nose mouth  and eye via any products that are reused even if it had a bit hiv in them  or from splash  at Normal environment   E.g at water parks 

Q2) if I come in contact with HIV person infected hands and if  his fingers are some what bleeding a bit do I need to worry about getting poked in the eye ? Or if I'm getting massaged on the face do I need to worry anything getting in my nose or eyes  ? Anyone infected this way ? 

Q3) how did people get infected from eyes and nose exposure ? Has anyone been infected outside a health care setting ? Through eyes and nose mouth which didn't involve sexual activity   ?

Q4) has anyone been infected from discarded syringe outside a Heath care setting ? 

Q5) has anyone been infected with HIV coming in contact with HIV blood or secretions outside health. Care settings from sharp objects through cuts in skin ?

Q5) what do I need to do to remain HIV for the rest of my life and not worry about anything else in the world . How can I protect myself ? 

Thank you doctor  your words are more powerful than any other doctor for me so please take time out on q1 ,2 and 3  

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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
84 months ago
Sigh. Are you even reading my replies? Or Dr. Hook's

Q1-5) No risk for any of these. I am not aware of any reports of anyone catching HIV because their eyes or nose were exposed, in a health care setting or anywhere esle. Or with any contact with blood outside a health care setting. As discussed, in theory such exposures probably can happen, but the risk is so low that no cases are known. There is no point in worrying about such rare events. You are more at risk of being killed by lightning.

Q5) Re-read my first relply above, starting with "To avoid...."

That completes the 3 replies included with each question and so concludes this thread. If additional questions arise, carefully re-read all my replies and Dr. Hook's in the other thread. They probably have been answered.

Please note that the forum does not permit repeated questions on the same topic or exposure, especially when the questions are obviously driven by anxiety or when there is apparently difficulty in believing or accepting advice already given. This will have to be your last one; future questions on this topic or about this exposure will be deleted without reply and without refund of the posting fee. This policy is based on compassion, not criticism, and is designed to reduce the temptation to keep paying for questions with obvious answers; because experience shows that continued answers tend to prolong users’ anxieties, when professional counseling often would be a better approach; and because repeat or anxiety driven questions have little educational value for other users, one of the forum’s main purposes. Thank you for your understanding.