[Question #1907] Hiv fear

80 months ago
I had sex exposure on 2nd sep16 with CSW in india.After 5 months i got skin rash(red dot)on my right arm. on 1st feb17 i tested for hiv 1&2 with ECLIA method(index value-0.26 nonreactive) &HBsAg(Index value-.53 nonreactive)
Tested for CBC on 22feb17 where my leucocytes count was 12.90 lymphocytes 19.40%Eosinophils.50%basophils0.60%monocytes4.70 %segmented neutrophils78.40%
Absolute lucocytes count
 And took an hiv1&2 antibody rapid screening test thru inmunofiltration method which was non reactive
On 21 march17 i repeated the screening test thru immunofiltration method which is also nonreactive
I am feeling cronic fatigue and some rashes appears on my body and goes with in 2-3days.
Plz. Suggest weather my test are conclusive or which test should i go for?
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
80 months ago
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question.

One of the consistent themes on this forum is that the HIV blood tests are among the most accurate tests ever developed, for any infection. The results are 100% conclusive if done sufficiently long after the last possible exposure. That time is 4 weeks for the antigen-antibody (4th generation) tests or 6-8 weeks for the standalone antibody tests. The test results overrule all other considerations:  no matter how high risk the exposure at the time, no matter what symptoms are present, and regardless of any other tests like blood counts, the test results tell the truth. Your HIV test results prove you did not catch HIV. Your HbsAg test is similarly conclusive, proving you did not catch hepatitis B.

Continue to work with your doctor If your symptoms continue or if you remain concerned about your mildly abnormal blood count (slightly high neutrophils). You don't need need any additional testing for either HIV or hepatitis B. 

I hope this information is helpful. Let me know if anything isn't clear.


80 months ago
Thanks Doctor for the kind and fast reply
Does the test used in india are of same standerds used in US UK? 
I have done CD4 count test also
Absolute lymphocytes count 2385
CD3-60.38(59-83ref range)
Absolute CD3-1440
CD4(helper cell)-40.95
Absolute CD4-977
Here my CD3 cells  are in bottom range of reference value.might it be decreasing gradually
Plz. Suggest if still my results are conclusive
Why cronic fatigue i am having??
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
80 months ago
The HIV blood tests are pretty much the same world wide. And as you know, India is a medically sophisticated country, where the medical laboratory standards are similar to those anywhere else.

It was a mistake to have the CD cell testing. That should never be done except in people with known HIV, i.e. positive HIV blood test. Your results are in the normal range, but even if they were not, the other tests prove HIV isn't the reason.

There is no way for me to judge the cause of your fatigue except to repeat that it cannot be due to HIV. There are innumerable causes of such symptoms. As I said above, you'll need to work with your doctor on this.

80 months ago
Thanks Sir,
Got some relief from my anxiety.
Just last query to resolve sir, might it be the case of delay sero conversion or from amongst the persons who does not produce hiv antibody because of their genitic reasons or coinfection of hep c which delays in seroconversion
& would you suggest me to test for hcv and other infections
Thanks a lot sir for your kind support.

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
80 months ago
With the currently used HIV tests, there are no medical conditions that delay seroconversion or otherwise alter HIV test performance.

Contrary to popular opinion, heptitis C virus (HCV) rarely is sexually transmitted. The only proved sexual transmission scenario is among gay men having ptoentially traumatic (bloody) anal sex practices. The frequency of HCV is no higher ih the long-term heterosexual partners of HCV infected persons than in the general population, if that couple does not also share drug injection equipment. For sure no need for testing after this event. 

You don't say whether your CSW exposure was condom protected. If so, I see no need for any further testing. If no condom for any or all the exposure, a urine test for chlamydia and gonorrhea would make sense.

That concludes the two follow-up comments and replies included with each question and so ends this thread. Best wishes and stay safe!