[Question #191] Need to ressurance and expect adviice

95 months ago
Hi Dr HHH and Dr Hook

7 weeks ago I went to a sttrip club and got a lap dance my penis was exposed and during the dance my penis came in contact with her vagina for maybe 1 or 2 seconds.  I am 95% sure there was no penetrations and I didnt feel any moisture. However, I have anexiety issues with these kinds of things so I started symtom searching.  I miscaluclated my days and I did a 25 day and 15 hr 4th generation DUO test and I also did a 35 day HIV RNA test. The only one approved for diagnotics purposes. All tests were negative. I havent has fever or sore throat but i do have joiint pan and tingling from time to time. I know for a fact that those can be fom anexiety because Ive  EXP them before. My questions are what was my risk assestment even if fluids were involed.  Are my test conclusie can I put this behidn me and move on. Do I need Further testing?  Thank you for your help. 
Edward W. Hook M.D.
95 months ago
Welcome to the Forum. I will be pleased to comment.  The critical determinant of risk, first and foremost, is penetration No penetration, no risk.  If you are 95% sure there was no penetration (and I expect your estimate of risk is also conservative), I am 95% confident that you were at no risk for HIV. Even if you were exposed however, your risk of infection, even before you tested, was tiny.  If your partner had HIV, and that is unlikely since very few exotic dancers or even commercial sex workers have HIV , the risk of infection would be less than 1 infection per 1000 sex acts and since your possible exposure was so brief, your risk even if penetration occurred would be lower than average.  Finally, your test results conclusively prove that you were not infected.  While your DUO was taken two days earlier than recommended, the RNA tests are definitive and would have been positive if you were infected.  Thus, you can be entirely confident that, even if you were exposed, and I doubt you were, you were certainly not infected with HIV from the exposure you describe.

I hope this comment is not too detailed.  You have nothing to worry about and do not need additional testing for HIV.  EWH
95 months ago
Thank you very much Dr. Hook I will take your advice.  I been a huge fan of you and dr hhh since the medhelp days. You guys help people. God Bless you with health and happiness.