[Question #1910] HIV test required

80 months ago

Hi Doctors

Sorry to be back again, however I had a genuine question regarding HIV transmission / testing which I never thought to ask in my previous interactions with Dr Hook.

My exposure was unprotected oral (giving and receieving) with a female CSW back in December 16. There was also deep kissing and protected vaginal sex.

I tested negative for gon and chly after 7 & 32 days.

Negative for syphilis after 32, 46, & 82 days.

I have not tested for HIV. Do you think I need to based on this exposure?

Websites such as POZ.com say there is no risk of HIV infection from cunnilingus or receieving a blow job, would you concur with this assessment?

If I do need to test would any HIV test be conclusive at this stage? In the UK many places offer instant testing so you don't have to wait for results. Would this test be as good as a lab based test given it has been 90 days since my exposure?

I just want to make sure I'm 100% safe before resuming unprotected sex with my pregnant wife.

Thanks for your help.

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
80 months ago
I'm picking up your question this time. I reviewed your discussions with Dr. Hook and agree with everything he said.

The risk of HIV in the exposure described was evel lower than for syphilis. Dr. Hook and I agree with the statement you found at POZ.com:  there has never been a proved case of HIV transmitted by fellatio (mouth to penis) or cunnilingus (in either dierction). The only reason to consider HIV testing is for reassurance. If positive, my first reaction would be to ask you to fess up about your real exposure, because you didn't get it from the event described. But of course it will be negative. Any and all HIV blood and oral fluids tests are conclusive any time 3 months or more after the last possible exposure.

There was no need to avoid sex with your wife up to now, pregnant or not. It's time to resume, whether or not you go through with an HIV test.


80 months ago

Dr Handsfield

Thank you for your response.

If I'm understanding you correctly, as far as you are concerned, the only way someone could sexually contract HIV is through unprotected vaginal, anal or when giving someone an unprotected blow job? Given my exposure you would not recommend testing and it's pointless me worrying about HIV?

Also, are you happy with the testing I have done so far, and do you class that as conclusive for those infections? Is there anything else I need to test for at this stage?

Would you recommend I just get on with my life and forget this incident?

I guess I'm just a bit paranoid about endangering my wife.

Thanks for your help, I really do appreciate the guidance which you and Dr Hook have provided thus far.

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
80 months ago
Giving oral sex to other men also is extremely low risk, if not quite zero. From a medical or risk standpoint, no HIV testing is needed. However, it's obviously eating at you, and therefore I recommend testing because I believe the negative result will be more conclusive (psychologically) than any expert opinion. All your other tests so far are conclusvie. If somehow I were in your circumstance, I would never have stopped having sex with my wife and you can safely do so now.

80 months ago

Hi Dr Handsfield

Thanks again for your response. Before I read your response, I actually took myself for a HIV test yesterday, the results of which came back 'not detected' (negative) as you predicted.

I am now going to draw a line under this. As you have suggested all the testing I have done is probably an over reaction, and I will continue to work with my doctor with regards to my on going issues with anxiety and panic.

Thanks to both yourself and Dr Hook for all your help, this site as well as your expert answers on Medhelp have really helped me this past 3 months.

I am planning never to put myself in a situation like this ever again, so in the best way possible, you will not hear from me again.

All the best and thanks again.

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
80 months ago
I'm very glad to hear you were tested and negative, but of course not surprised by the result.

Thanks for your kind comments about our services over the years. But my final advice to dvise care to not make behavioral pledges that might be difficult to keep. Human nature and sexual inclinations being what they are, at least be prepared by continuing to have condoms handy.

Best wishes and stay safe.