[Question #1928] HIV RISK

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86 months ago
I am not sure why my thread was closed when i clearly mentioned that i lost the username. i am unable to find my username and password so i cannot follow up on the thread where you answer my question. I have again bought another question and please answer my questions below:-

I want to know why you say recieving oral is not a zero risk for HIV when doctor hook mentioned that there has never been a case and he wont even advise testing related to HIV ? 

My exposure was recieving oral and i did a 27 day hiv antigen antibody test.
Do i need more testing?

Please keep this thread open for my follow up questions as i have paid for this three times now. otherwise provide me the username of my old account which i am unable to retrieve.. Greatly appreciated.
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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
86 months ago
You don't need your username to see your previous threads. (It was markomaro999, question 1922.) I will replicate this follow-up question there and you will be able to see my reply. On Monday you can use the contact link to recover your password, in case you need to post another follow-up comment. I'll ask the web adminstrator to contact you Monday about resetting your password and refunding your two extra posting fees.