[Question #193] Cunilingus - STIs / HIV / HPV

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103 months ago

About 8 days ago I went to a strip club and gave a female stripper oral sex (Cunilingus) for around 10/15 seconds. I have otherwise been sexually inactive for 5 years. 

I have become really worried about my risk of STIs / HIV / HPV and reading various articles and threads online has only heightened my concern. Yours is the only site I seem to find any comfort from. 

I did not notice anything untoward on the girl's vagina. She is from Bulgaria, was about 18 years old. I didn't ask her if she had STIs or HIV etc, stupidly (not any more stupid than the drunken mistake in the first place). 

I also didn't have any open wounds or bad oral hygiene, to my knowledge. 

I have a few white / pale spots in my lips. These are tiny and appear in clusters under the skin. My top lip has quite a few, all under the skin. The corners of my bottom lip have a few, perhaps more pronounced. I went to my Doctor this week who wasn't concerned and didn't believe it was Herpes. He said to come back in 2 weeks of they don't go. I'm using all sorts of antiseptic products to try and get rid. I have no idea whether these were there previous to my encounter, whether the weather has caused it or perhaps even stress both from work and from reading online that I have all sorts of diseases. 

Any advice or input would be much appreciated.

I have also booked myself in for a sexual health check up but in truth don't know if this is necessary. 

Thanks in advance

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Edward W. Hook M.D.
103 months ago

Welcome to our Forum.  I will do my best to help.  In general, among the wide variety of possible penetrative sex acts, cunnilingus is the one which is biologically most inefficient (i.e. a person is least likely to become infected, if they do that activity with an infected partner).  When you add that the FACT that most exotic dancers (and commercial sex workers- admittedly there is some overlap) do not have STIs, your performance of oral sex on this partner carried very little risk of infection.  As an FYI, I know of NO cases of HIV documented to have been acquired from performance of cunnilingus on an infected partner.

Having said all of this, getting a sexual health check is always a good idea and the negative results that I anticipate you will get should help to provide peace of mind. 

As for your lip lesions, from your description they do not raise concern for STIs that cause lesions- they are in no way suggestive of herpes and it is far, far too early for HPV to be manifest.  My suspicion is that you may have looked closer than might be normal and noticed something that has been present but went unnoticed in the past.  If the lesions persist, you may want them to be looked at by someone who specializes in the oral cavity (i.e. an ENT specialist) if your own doctor's reassurances are not helpful.  Th, e topical materials and antispetics you are using may be causing more irritation than helping.

Finally, I advise you to stay off the internet.  While well intended, the statements are often overly alarmist and may get their facts wrong.

I hope these perspectives are helpful. there is really very little for you to be worried about