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104 months ago
I had a threesome with two female escorts.  They started with a lesbian show and both performed oral on each other.  I then fingered both of them simultaneously.  At that point I undressed and laid between them.  One place a condom on and started to protected perform oral sex on me.  They switched a few times each performing oral sex on me.   

I then had protected vaginal sex with both of them alternating several times.   

The same condom was used throughout and at the conclusion of the event I checked with water to ensure no rips or tears happened during the encounter.   

I placed my hand at the base of the condom for the duration of the vaginal sex to ensure i never contacted any part of their vagina without the condom between. they may have had vaginal fluid on hands while placing condom on and I may have had vaginal fluid on hands when I removed the condom. 

Am I at any risk for stds? 

Is their a valid reason to test for this exposure? 
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Edward W. Hook M.D.
104 months ago

Welcome to the Forum.  Congratulations to your commitment to safe sex.  Condom protection remains the single best protection from acquiring STIs.  By way of background most commercial sex workers do not have STIs (bad for business and as an occupational hazard, they tend to get checked regularly) and, if one or both of your partners were infected, even most unprotected exposures do not lead to transmission of infection.  In your specific case, your use of a condom which did not break during sex provides you with assurance that there is no meaningful risk for getting the most common STIs (gonorrhea, chlamydia, trich,, nongonococal urethritis [NGU], etc. as well as HIV)  There is a theoretical risk of lesion STIs such as herpes or syphilis however, condoms offer very good protection from these STIs as well and I would gauge your risk as close to zero for these as well.  If I were you I would not be the least bit worried and would not even seek STI testing.  On the other hand, should you want the peace of mind that negative tests, provide, then testing for common STIs is reasonable and should provide you with confirmation of my assessment that this was largely a no risk event. 

Hope this comment helps.  EWH