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74 months ago
Dr hook are you online ? I need to ask about my HIV just like everyone else but can I connect just with you please you are skin specialist on HIV .. r u there ? This is a test message .. please connect 
Edward W. Hook M.D.
74 months ago
Dr. Handsfield and I answer questions interchangeably.  I happened to pick up your question and will try to address your questions.  EWH---
74 months ago
Dr hook you cannot imagine what it means for me to talk to you I will never ever talk to any other doctor in my life . I am happy and my hands a bit shivering only because I can't believe talking you.  My risk is on HIV I am mom with one daughter happily married 

I have eczema which causes me to have rash sometimes all over the body But my concern is getting HIV at beauty parlour from “skin to skin contact “ or from objects 

I don't how to explain but I'll try my best if nothing clear I'll ask you again since you aren't a 
woman but

I read  you say on medhelp : that eczema , broken skin  are not an entry point for HIV fluids to enter and I read pimples which have been popped do not allow HIV fluids to enter and I want to know if this is still valid . 

1: I have pimples and sometimes rashes because of eczema on cheeks arms and  sometimes on my head it's not extreme but I develop rash . So if I go to beauty parlour and barber lady uses her hands and rubs my cheeks (massage type flow) .  If her  fingers are bruised or bleeding can hiv blood or other fluids through which  my pimple , and rash ? Cause hiv . According to you it's not a risk on medhelp 

2: what I'm asking is can HIV blood or fluids enter through eczema rash and pimples when being massaged or poured  on you  if HIV blood or fluids are present . I have read pimples are not a portal for HIV blood to go through .  And that this is all intact skin if HIV fluids were present nothing can go through eczema rash my skin will protect me  is this correct ? 

3: is eye brow or cheek threading to remove unwanted hair . The thread rubbed on my cheek to pluc the hair out . If the thread has HIV fluids my skin would still protect me ? . I read on medhelp that they are known as superficial scratch and nothing can go into your skin 

4: is when removing small blackheads which are almost invisible to the eye on nose and cheeks .if remove them using a   sticker on nose nothing can go into my skin from minor blackhead holes ? If HIV was on it  . . It's considered intact skin ? 

I'm asking if HIV fluids are  present the skin is a barrier no matter what ? And the fluids cannot go through cuts on pimples or rashes of eczema 

I'm going overwork limit so I have to stop mr hook sorry 

Edward W. Hook M.D.
74 months ago
Thanks for your vote of confidence.  I will be happy to comment.  I should also comment however that the advice that I am about to give you is the same advice that my colleague, Dr. Handsfield would give you on this site as well.  Your question can be answered in several ways- both in term of theoretical risk and in terms of what has been documented in the scientific literature.  Both lead us to the same conclusion, that skin rashes such as eczema as well as minor skin trauma such as that that accompanies hair threading, removing or squeezing blackheads and pimples, direct contact with surfaces contaminated with blood or HIV-infected secretions, or rubbing or massaging infected material into the skin or wounds have NEVER been associated with ANY risk for HIV. 

Many of the situations you describe can cause minor breaks in the skin and might be places where.  In these situations aggressive bacteria like Strep or Staph can enter the skin to cause infection however this is not the case with HIV. The skin is a highly effective barrier to infection, even when the sorts of defects you describe are present and any blood or serum that comes out of such wounds is coming OUT of the person with the wound, rather than going IN.  HIV must go deep into tissue to cause infection. thus, the direction of flow is wrong for HIV infection to occur given the situations you describe. 

In addition to the theoretical answer provided above, it is important for me to emphasize to you that there are NO documented HIV infections which have been acquired in the manner you ask about.  Please remember this is true not only for situations like you describe but also in settings like hospitals or clinics for persons with HIV where many people with cuts, scrapes and eczema work regularly with HIV infected persons.  
to answer your specific questions:

1.  Even if the person serving you in the beauty parlor had HIV (which is unlikely) there would be no risk to you from having your skin rubbed and massaged, even in areas where your rash is present.
2.  No, HIV HIV blood or fluids cannot enter through eczema rash and pimples when being massaged or poured  on you
3.  No, there is no risk from eye brow or cheek threading to remove unwanted hair
4.  No, no risk of HIV acquisition through pimples, blackheads, or other minor skin defects.

I hope these response are helpful to you.  there is no scientific reason to worry about HIV from the situations you have described.  EWH
73 months ago
 doctor ed hook I cired last night when I got to talk if I tell you what it meant to me this question will get too long .   I am at ease have few other questions and I'll pour my heart out so that you can help . 

Q1) I should never worry about massaged and if I get Scratched  by hands of parlour lady I should never worry as blood goes out and skin protects ? Yes or no is enough 

2) when does HIV die outside the body ? You say it dies virtually immediately after leaving the body . I know you will not laugh at me but I don't like to use products that are moist and in liquids . Such as baby oil for my daughter . When I go visit hotels they have body lotions etc or at parlours . even if  it's HIV blood or fluids in a bottle  once outside the body do they immediately become inactive ? 

3) I have read that you have said HIV fluids to the eyes are inactive which is fine and I have my answer on skin protection also .  I want to know can hiv fluids  enter my body in the shower or when using the toilet bidet spray

One concern is when I am taking a shower in bathroom does water from the shower enter vagina and anus or penis(if your male).  ?

Second concern : using the toilet I don't use toilet paper but use handheld bidet spray .which sprays water to clean anus and vagina in public restrooms and is attached next to the toilet . I don't penetrate with it just spray water from the hand held bidet 

Even if contaminated with blood or fluids I have one information to share and do you agree on this it's below

One doctor said : nothing can enter your anus ,vaigna or penis in the water is flowing down your body because muscle sphincters  are present inside and outside which do not allow fluids to enter if I'm in shower or using hand held bidet spray in toilet . Do you agree ? 

 4)meaning the pressure of the spray hand held bidet  won't allow anything to enter the anus ,vagina and penis deep into tissue and cause HIV nothing is being injected ? .  I just want to know fluids cannot enter this way when your taking a shower or using a  bidet in public restroom  attached to toilet will highlight the point so please answer on that and I'm putting link for handheld bidet 


Few other question which I will ask in the last post doctor thank you

Edward W. Hook M.D.
73 months ago
Your questions suggest important mis-understanding about how HIV is transmitted and do not deal with specific exposures or events but are general in nature.  I will provide brief replies to your questions but providing this sort of information is not the purpose of this site.  Please remember that HIV is ONLY transmitted through DIRECT, penetrative, sexual contact or INJECTION of infected material DEEP into tissue.  It is NOT transmitted by touching, contact with water, oils or other non-bodily fluids which might be contaminated with infectious material or indirectly by touching. 
For your specific questions:
1.  Correct, you should never worry about these sorts of contacts.
2. HIV is a fragile virus which becomes non-infectious upon drying and exposure to the environment.  This occurs almost immediately upon leaving the body (situations vary).  HIV would not survive in lotions, liquids, baby oil and would be inactivated in such liquids.
3.  Shower or bidet water would not contain HIV and typically, unless the stream of water from these things is directed into a body cavity (vagina, urethra, rectum) it would not enter.  There is no known or reasonable theoretical risk associated with use of a bidet or shower.
4.  See above

73 months ago
Dear doctor I did not understand your last point of question number 3 did you mean this 

1)nothing can enter your anus ,vaigna or penis in the water is flowing down your body when showering  muscle  sphincters  are present inside and outside which do not allow fluids to enter if I'm in shower or using hand held bidet spray .  

Did you agree with  what my doctor said ? 

What did you mean directed into body cavity ?  Oh dear doctor I just wanted to know if no fluids  don't enter deep into the tissue this way ? . Can you repeat this point when your showering or using bidet nothing goes into the blood stream that is all in this point .

Doctor any worry of using bidet in rest rooms ? .Can you just tell me did you agree with the doctor who mentioned muscle sphincters and do fluids enter when your showering or using bidet DEEP INTO THE TISSUE  and when I'm showering did you mean by body cavity in simple English . Should I ever worry ? 

My other point was 

2)When you have food and drinks you have stated nothing goes foods and drinks one should not worry because of gastrical tract and well . I just wanted to know do teeth conditions matter ? I just have one root canal and can anything  go in through  the teeth ? If my tooth crown falls off ? . Any worry here ? 

3) when we say HIV fluids die on the environment if it touches any other liquids whatever they maybe they will become inactive ? It's not important what liquid it is as long is diluted in it . It will break apart ?  

4) if one has vaginal secretions  or blood on his hand if they haven't dried up but they are exposed to air would they still be inactive immediately?  Or drying is important ? 

Thank you I'm just worried if any fluids enter the private parts this way can you help explain that point .  Can you explain the bidet and shower point when I said nothing enters due to musical sphincters I am very much worried because of that doctor very very much .  

73 months ago
For point number 2 I meant about conatimnaton of drinks and food and do tooth conditions matter if one swallowed blood or secretions but can you explain bidet and shower part in detail pleeeeease I'm all of a sudden worried 
Edward W. Hook M.D.
73 months ago
1.  The stream from some shower heads and bidets canbe directed.  If a person points the steam into a vaginal, rectum, etc. water might get in.  Even so, this would not be an injection deep into tissue and there would be no,risk.

2.  No, th condition of your teeth and gums are of no concern.  Still no risk.

3.  The type of liquid makes no difference.

4.  They would have begun to dry.  No risk.

This is the 3rd reply to your general questions.  This thread will now be closed.  Further repetitive or similar questions will be considered anxiety-driven questions and will be deleted without a response of refund.  If you continue to worry, my advice would not be to seek medical advice but to work with a mental health professional or counselor to address these unrealistic concerns.  Take care.  EWH