[Question #1967] Protected oral sex

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85 months ago
Hi Doctors.

I have come back to ask about a new exposure of 3 days ago.
Im a male and I recived protected comdom oral sex from a csw female.
I now feel guilt and anxiety.
Should I be concernd about HIV or any other STDs from this one encounter?
Do you recommend any test?
I have tested negetive from all STDs prior to this exposure.

Thanks in advance 
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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
85 months ago
Welcome back to the forum.

My first reaction is to congruatulate you for using a condom, even for oral sex. This was an entirely safe encounter.

Oral sex should be viewed as safe sex, even without a condom. Although not compltely free of STD risk, all STDs are transmitted far less frequently that by vaginal or anal sex, and it's zero risk for some. And with a condom, the risk is truly zero for any infection you can think of, assuming the condom was in place for the entire exposure and did not break wide open. If this is your only potential exposure (since the one discussed in your other thread two months ago), you do not need testing for anything and if you have a regualr sex partner, you can safely continue unprotected sex with that person.

I hope this has been helfpul. Let me know if anything isbn't clear. Best wishes and stay safe--  HHH, MD

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85 months ago
Thank you Doctor for your reassuring  answer. And thanks for your great work you put into this forum.

As for my fallow up question:

I have been working with my Doctors to resolve my eosinophilic folliculitis issues. 
I have been having reoccurring  really itchy red bumps in my hair follicles.
When ever I google eosinophilic folliculitis it tieds to a rare skin condtion and to late stage Hiv cases. 
This had been concerning me since I have been having this skin issues for over 6 months and had not completely resolved.

According to my other question answerd by Dr. Hook I have tested well beyond the window period and Hiv should not be a concern however I can not move on due to this eosinophilic folliculitis condtion.

1. Is there any suggestions you could make that could help me?

2. Have you seen any similar cases where hiv was non detectable by a test and patient had similar symptoms

3. My doctor order another Hiv test yesterday should I be concern?

Thank you for your help Doctor H. Hunter

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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
85 months ago
Thanks for the additional context, and for your kind words about our services.

You correctly understand our advice about conclusive HIV testing. And it's not just our advice, but universal consensus among HIV experts. When HIV testing is done sufficiently long after the last possible exposure, the results always overrule any any all symptoms that might be present. As for eosinophilis folliculitis, it is one of an unending list of conditions that are more common in people with HIV. However, it has never been the only manifestation of HIV; there would always be many other symptoms as well. And as with all those other conditions, the vast majority of people with EF do not have HIV. For sure you do not.

1) We only deal with HIV and STDs. I have no knowledge of other important medical conditions that might be associated with EF.

2) No, I have never had a patient with similar concerns.

3) I have to suspect your doctor ordered another test primarily because you asked for it, not be cause s/he seriously suspects you have HIV or believes you were infected through condom protected oral sex.