[Question #2083] Possible HIV risk

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83 months ago
I am male and was with a guy some weeks ago now - 12 weeks ago;   He said he was on Prep - part of a state program - and in fact did take a blue pill while I was there.  I assessed what I thought was a safe situation, but foolishly relied on this and we..we had sex, and I was the insertive partner without a condom.    I have contacted him since and he states he does not have HIV.

About 9 days layer, I had a mild sore throat and what appeared to be a cold, but this went after a few days.

Then at 4 weeks after the encounter, I remember I had a sharp fever one night, but this was over the next morning;

Then a few days after this  (just over 4 weeks after the encounter), I developed a sore throat and feeling of fever, but I taking my temperature I did not have a high temperatures;  This went on for about 5 weeks on and off.

About 3 weeks into this (7 weeks after the encounter), I had some spots on my neck (two), and on two on one my arms, and three on one shoulder.  

It is now twelve weeks after, and I still get some small spots on my back, and occasionally on my chest.

So my question is can an HIV rash develop after 7 weeks and does the HIV rash  continue to develop, and do the spots stay around for a long period of time.

It does seem unlikely I have HIV if he is on Prep, but I have been worries and am not sure what else the symptoms could be.
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Edward W. Hook M.D.
83 months ago
Welcome to our Forum.  Congratulations on checking with your partner on his status.  Dhis assurances of being negative and PrEP, my advice would be to go for the added protection that condoms do provide in the future.  Having side that, none of the symptoms you describe raise concerns about the symptoms of the ARS that sometimes indicate early HIV.  Typically the symptoms of the ARS occur together, at 2-4 weeks after exposure, and include high fever, sore throat, severe muscle or joint aches as well as sometimes a faint rash or diarrhea.  Your symptoms, being rather mild and spread out over several weeks are really not suggestive of the ARS.  Seven weeks would be late for the ARS rash.  

If you wish for the added assurance that testing provides, an HIV blood test at this time would be definitive.  

I hope these comments are helpful.  EWH