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45 months ago
Hello doctor hook are you available doctor hunter also there ? 
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
45 months ago
Asking whether on not we are available is a waste of the three replies that a client may ask for a question from this site.  Further, clients cannot request who will respond to their questions.  Our site is not staffed 24/7 but Dr. Handsfield and I strive to answer questions asked on our site within a few hours of receipt of questions.  If you have a question I will be answering it.  EWH---
45 months ago
So sorry please don't  act that as question. I was just wondering in my address or name will also show up because I added my name 

Dear doctor hook I was looking for dr hunter also has he isn't conservative . My room rate was a bully and was diagnosed with HIV and hep he is isn't living with me now I am assuming that he may have contaminated my daily items such as my virgin oil shampoos lotions etc so please answer this way and we shared  bathroom also but few questions I have in general for both male and female users 

Q1) using of bidets these are used next to toilets to wash yourself with water instead of toilet paper you have used the toilet . I am worried when I use the bidet spray in my hostel halls if there is some blood or bodily fluids on the top of the bidet would the pressure of water object coming out from the bidet inject blood or bod fluids into the anus or vagina deep into the tissue ? And into the penis opening if you’re a male .  My doctor said that there is virtual cavity on the outer openings of your private parts  and flow of water if blood was present on the tip of bidet Wont allow fluids to be injected into you and there would be no risk for HIV or hep 

Further I read doctor hunter says pure water kills HIV  would water also kill HIV hep ? 

2) wearing swim suits that had just been worn by HIV or hep person and if the swimsuit was contaminated by vaginal fluids or blood ,  heard that is also not a risk for the same reasons above that virtual cavity doesn't not allow fluids to enter the body this way .  What risk is there for other stds  also ? I have read you have said zero risks actually but I am scared and looking for your approval 

Further I have heard that you have said mutual masturabation is is safe which means that if HIV or hep blood was outside the body and they got on to ones private parts There is no risk ? Same would apply to q1) 

3) I feared that there was semen or some blood poured into my virginal oil used for massage I believe my friend used it during sexual exposures when brining other unknown partners . If he contaminated my items can hiv or hep live in liquids ? That I have used can anything go into my eyes and nose ?  

Can this also be taken as mutual masturbation if he was to do that fluids were outside the body and hence no risk To my eyes and nose nothing was done immediately 

4) HIV dies quickly in environment does hep b and c also die once they have dried off or even before it becomes non infectious? 

5) hep c only includes blood other bodily fluids and non infectious ? 

6) further more HIV or hep b ,c cannot be passed on inanimate objects and outside the body is no risk ? Because dr hunter says if you don't use injection or have sex you won't get HIV or heb or hcv (closed environment and not open environment ) 

7) I am worried about tooth brush and razors also but they are were dry  I have some other questions also hep c would be non infectious ? 

Please answer accordingly and your views and if all these things were real I am safe I've tried to be calm how bad is it ? 

45 months ago
Just to add :  dr hunter said when other doctors say highly unlikely to outside risks it's well they don't want to to responsibility or sometimes it's for their own political gains that is why I want to belive dr hunter and you so please help 
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
45 months ago
Your questions are similar to questions that we have answered many times in the past.  The answers could have been obtained from reviewing our replies from others in the past.  Your questions also indicate a lack of understanding of how blood borne STIs such as HIV and hepatitis is transmitted.  These infections are spread ONLY through DIRECT sexual contact or through INJECTION of infected material DEEP into tissue.  They are NOT spread through casual contact, when mixed with toiletry liquids and creams, by contact with contaminated environmental surfaces or through contact with toilet seats, bidets, or splashes from water which may have been contaminated with blood or secretions from others.  Thus, brief replies to your questions are:

1. See above- splashes and sprays from bidets, bath water etc. do not enter the body and have never been shown to be a source of infection by HIV or hepatitis viruses.

2.  You have seen our replies before.   Repeating the question does not change the answer.  Wearing clothing or swim trucks recently worn and perhaps still wet from a person with HIV or hepatitis is not a risk factor for infection, even if that person's genital secretions or blood are on the material.

3.  These viruses do not live in these sorts of liquids.  Transmission as a result of contamination has NEER been reported.  I would not worry.  Similarly, splashes into your eyes or nose are not a risk.

4.  While hepatitis viruses may take somewhat longer to die wen exposed to the environment, they are not infectious and transmission through the sorts of environmental exposure you mention has never been documented.

5.  Hepatitis C is vary rarely spread sexually and then primarily through receptive rectal intercourse.  It is spread though injection of infected blood as mentioned above.

6.  Answered above.

7.  While theoretically a risk for hepatitis (or HIV), transmission through shared toothbrushes or shared razors has not been shown and certainly would not occur if these objects had been dried.

45 months ago

Dear doctor first thank you for replying  I am a bit certain and getting better replies are some what a bit different over there and i specially would like to know my concerns but I really need you this night could be the night where I understand everything. And I'll just have my local doctor 

I need a brief reply on the first two questions of bidet use and wearing clothing . To be clear a simple yes or no would be appropriate . You said bath waters , spraying. Bidets do not enter the body . The virus has to enter the body so when I use bidets or shared swim suits with my colleague even if wet or contaminated inflections material do not enter the anus ,penis or vagina .the virtual cavity on vagina or penis and anus do not allow fluids deep into the tissue and And this is what you meant correct ? Yes or no is fine  (although you said nothing enters the body )

Infected material does not enter  the penis vagina or anus this way correct so virus cannot enter dead or alive and nothing enters the body as you  and this is what you meant ? Yes or no   This means  everything to me 

Just for info I know you what bidet spray is but I'll give a link for you just incase 


2) you said virus die although hep may live longer in environment they are non infectious so basically if they are wet they lose the power to infect ? And according to you in real world when would hep be non infectious if they were small amounts of blood and when hep b&c be non infectious on bodily fluids  as compared to blood 

3) further more doctor HIV dies in water does hep also die in water I washed my razor with water and that's why hep can't live in swimming pools also ? With no chlorine in it just normal water 

3) if blood goes into the mouth saliva kills HIV does it also kill hep b&c ?  No case of  blood  or secretions into mouth for hepb and c also ?  If I got some blood or secretions in my mouth 

4) some doctor said hep c can live in dried blood but for all practical purpose this is false because dr hunter  say no once blood has  dried that's totally dead Even though you said the same thing  ? Your answer won't change on this  same answer for hep b ? Blood or fluids are dead once dried 

5) I believe you have said that infected material getting into the nose is no risk neither am because my main worry was sharing a straw , actually I don't know why I was putting straws into my nose my friend made me do it I didn't do anything but just put inside my nose that's no risk for hep or HIV even if something was present inside the straw ? I did it only thrice (yes was bullied a bit ) . I don't know why you said straw is a risk it's an object but it still no risk ?i am bit scared on this one or this is only theoretical only speculation?

6) when you say deep into the tissue that's only through needle sharing ? For hep and HIV for all practical purpose HIV or hep c outside the body eyes ,nose and mouth or transferred from surface to objects doesn't mean anything ? 

7) are you saying the only way I get HIV ,hep b c  other stds if just didn't have sex or shared needles? Everything else is irrelevant ? I don't want to to test for stds actually would you test if you were me ??

45 months ago
Just to add nobody gets HIV from blood in eye and or nose 

This same theory applies for hep b and c also ? 
And can I take this as mutual masturabation where fluids are outside the body nothing can go in eyes and nose for hep also ? And please answer hep on objects same rules as HIV ? 
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
45 months ago
Your follow-up questions are repetitive and most have been answered. This final reply will be brief:

1.  I know what a bidet is and how it works.  You cannot get infected from a bidet or wearing shared clothing, even if wet.  Infectious material does not enter the body in this way.

2.  you said virus die although hep may live longer in environment they are non infectious so basically if they are wet they lose the power to infect ?  Correct!  You should not worry about acquiring HIV from contact outside of the body.

3.  "further more doctor HIV dies in water does hep also die in water I washed my razor with water and that's why hep can't live in swimming pools also ? With no chlorine in it just normal water"   Correct, you will not get infected from tap water contaminated with blood or secretions containing HIV or hepatitis virus. 

4.  This answer does not change for hepatitis B. If someone told you otherwise, they are wrong.

5.  You re playing word games.  A bloody straw carrying infected blood and immediately pushed into your nose could, theoretically infect you.  In this case, the straw would be acting like a needle, carrying blood and getting into you.  Te risk of getting HIV or hepatitis in this way is very very low.

6.  Correct, also for hepatitis B and C

7.  Correct

For all practical purposes, nobody gets HIV or hepatitis through their eyes or nose.  Also, nobody gets these infections from mutual masturbation


This will end this thread.  Please note that the forum does not permit repeated anxiety driven questions by the same users. This will have to be your last one; future new questions on this topic will be deleted without reply and without refund of your posting fee. This policy is based on compassion, not criticism, and is designed to reduce temptations to keep paying for questions with obvious answers; because experience shows that continued answers tends to simply prolong such anxieties, when the real answer normally should be professional counseling; and because such questions have little educational value for other users, one of the forum's main purposes. I trust you will understand.  EWH

45 months ago
As per forum rules doctor I am allowed one last nessage or maybe you forgot  :( please I want to send one message  in this post  can I message one last message ?  Three posts just futher clarification only brief because I cannot start a new thread as per rules so I want my follwup questions dr hook just one question can I write here ? 
45 months ago
 Dear doc this is my last message brief replies required

1) I was consistently  bullied even if was punched basically in the eye basically if his finger  had some blood and I got poked in the eye from his sightly bleeding finger no risk for hepatitis and HIV ?  The eye defense kills HIV as well hepatitis also ? 

2) when I put the straw in my nose was not bleeding nothing happened risk was too low I am safe ? For hep and HIV ? 

3)when I washed razor with with water hepatitis would also be washed away or dilluted ? 

4) I don't need testing for hep or HIV ? 

Thank you :( 
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
45 months ago
Your first question was a question.  This is your 4th answer.  The thread will close after I answer your questions (briefly) and as noted above, further questions along the line you are asking will be considered anxiety driven and deleted without an answer and without refund of your money.

1. Getting poked in the eye by an infected person's finger will not give you HIV or hepatitis. 

2.  Repetitive question. The answers will not change.  This was a virtually no risk event.

3.  Correct.

4.  Nothing you have asked about warrants testing for HIV or hepatitis.

End of thread.  EWH