[Question #2201] Hiv risk and test results

46 months ago
Hello. Thank you so much in advance

I will begin with my exposure. Im a male
My big mistake was. I am married with kids, feel so bad.
I had a few alcohol drinks with my buddys and went to a massage parlor where the girls offered sex in california.
The girl I was with gave me a blow job with a comdom on that she provided and then I had vaginal sex with her, with the same condom. 

I was vary concern that at 30 days I took a early HIV RNA test?
Yesterday I took a 4th gen ag/ab HIV at 43days waiting on results.

1.My concern was: what if the comdom was ripped with out me noticing. She took of the comdom wich I did not inspect after.

2.How reliable are early HIV RNA test at 30days?Are these the same used in blood dontation centers?

3.Will my 43 day 4th gen test be final result of my status When I get results?


H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
46 months ago
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