[Question #224] HIV/ chlamydia / gonorrhea itchy vagina

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99 months ago
I'm a male 26 days ago today it's the 27 days I had a one time unprotected encounter (oral and vaginal) with what it seemed a clean 34 year old psychologist white woman.
Asked her MANY times if she has any std's she says she's clean.

Freaking out because I'm in a relationship the next 2 days I took ciproxacin 1gm each day but never had discharge. 
I Took all std test on day 9 after incident and everything came back negative including HIV.
Also I kept a very close eye for any open sores for herpes and still until today almost a month nothing abnormal.

Me and my long time partner had unprotected sex 2-3 times and 1 protected in this 26 days 
2 days ago she started complaining about itchiness inside her vagina from 1-10 In pain/discomfort she said it was a 3 and I took her to the dr and he said it's not a yeast or a BV and she got her period today and says the itchiness is very mild like a 1.
This still concerns me a lot!

1. Should I get retested for chlamydia gonorrhea and HIV now? or wait a little longer?
2. Any other std's that would probably cause this that we should get tested for?
3. Can this be HIV without causing fever and sore through.
5. Should I still worry about herpes?
4. Can you explain is this symthoms sound like anything? I've had them but just thought it was my anxiety but now I'm concerned.
-I had a portion of my bottom lip burn for about a week to 10 days no cold sore ever occurred.
-Burning anus that felt like a rash for 3-4 days never a rash or bumps (I've never had anal sex only been with woman)
-Night sweats that came and go I don't think I had a fever. I had anxiety attacks at night
- clogged ears and a little trouble swallowing. No pain or sore just discomfort. Also thought it was my anxiety noticing.

At this point I don't know what to think

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Edward W. Hook M.D.
99 months ago

Javier:  Welcome back to our Forum.  Terri has asked for one of us to take this question.  We have all reviewed your exposure history and all agree that your symptoms are not suspicious for herpes or any other STI (including HIV) and that is almost certain that you did not acquire anything during the single exposure over three weeks ago that has you worried.  Most people do not have STIs, your partner stated she did not, and even if she was, most exposures to not lead to infection.  Further, your tests 9 days after exposure were negative providing further evidence that you were not infected.  From the sound of things your guilt over this exposure has amplified your concerns about STIs and you are to the point of noticing normal sensation that you would otherwise overlook.  The best advice I can give you at this time is to believe us and to do your best not to worry further. There is no clear need for further testing or therapy.  With this as background, let's deal with your specific questions:

1. Should I get retested for chlamydia gonorrhea and HIV now? or wait a little longer?
Personally, I don't think you need further testing.  Your risk for infection was low to start with and the ciprofloxacin you took would have cured gonorrhea if you had it.  If you must, provided that you have not taken additional antibiotics since the cipro, standard tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia will be reliable at this time and not effected by the medications you took over three weeks ago. 

2. Any other std's that would probably cause this that we should get tested for?
Your symptoms are not at all suggestive of STI.  As I said above, I see no need for further testing at this time.

3. Can this be HIV without causing fever and sore through.
No, this is not at all suggestive of HIV.

5. Should I still worry about herpes?
No.  This has been discussed extensively in your earlier thread. There is little risk that you acquired herpes.  While not all persons who acquire herpes develop classical symptoms, in you the lack of any symptoms suggestive of herpes (to us experts) is further evidence that you did not get herpes.  If I were you I would not test further and not be at all concerned about HSV at this time.

4. Can you explain is this symthoms sound like anything?
Your partners' symptoms do not sound to be concerning.  In most people if you ask them to focus on their genitals for sensations, the sensation they notice most often is a mild itch.  I would not worry

I hope my comments are helpful. Please do not worry

Also, before I end this reply, let me also remind you that we typically allow just three interactions per question, this is your first.  I hope there is not need for more but, if there are more questions, replies will be limited.  EWH
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99 months ago
Dr. Hook 
I REALLY appreciate you taking my question!
After reading your response I was immediately relived but i do still have a couple of concerns that just came up in my life (I'm not sure its relatable to my exposure 4 weeks ago)

Like i mentioned on my question my long time partner had a itchy vagina another doctor saw her and told her because she had just started her period they didn't see that it was a yeast infection but that most likely that was it and she got treatment for it. It seemed to help her, and i was relived i didn't give her a std but today all day i had a feeling on my tongue like if i had burt it and i was trying not to think about it.

At night i looked it up to see if i could take something to relive it and it came up that can be oral thrush and that is common to people with HIV. As you can imagine i started to think again of a possibility i acquired HIV from the encounter.
I know it can be something else but timing just sucks
(When i got tested 9 days after encounter it was negative for HIV but it was too early)

1. Do you think my "Burning tongue" possible Oral thrush can be due to me acquiring HIV 4 weeks ago?
2. Do you think i should get re tested for HIV? (I really don't want to) 
3. Do you think i would have noticed other severe symptoms by now if i had HIV or can it go unnoticed? 
4. What type of Dr can I see about my burning tongue if persist?

Thank You again Dr. Hook 

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Edward W. Hook M.D.
99 months ago

Javier.  I think your guilt over this exposure has gotten the best of you and you are worrying all too much- attributing any and every thing you notice that you had not noticed before as a possible manifestation of HIV or some other STI.  This is simply very, very unlikely and you need to get a grip on yourself.  As for your questions:

1.  No.  Thrush usually is manifest by the thick white coating of the affected area.  This does not sound like thrush at all.

2. Answered before.  I still do not think you need further testing for HIV.

3. HIV can go unnoticed.  That does not change the fact that you almost certainly did not get HIV from your exposure of concern.

4.  I would start with your regular doctor.  EWH

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99 months ago
Thank you Dr. Hook!
I have my final follow up.
I've been trying to get over this exposure and I've been feeling a lot better and trying to get on with my life.
I do have some questions hopefully you can help me figure things out because I don't have access to go see a doctor right now.

Like I commented last time my partner got diagnosed with a yeast infection but just because the doctor thought that's what it was but they couldn't really check because she was on her period and she still a little itchy even thought she was given medicine about a week ago. But a lot less than previously
1.Could this be something else (std) besides yeast infection?
Also I started feeling a little itch in my penis that comes and goes but it's pretty much gone now. 2.Should I get tested for a yeast infection?

For a couple weeks now I've had some pressure on my ears like "clogged" ears yesterday I started getting sharp pains all over my head and back and arms that lasted 15-30 seconds and would go away. And at night I had a really intense pressure on my left ear/ temple area also my right eye feels blurry. It still pressisting today.
I'm thinking it can't really be related to my exposure almost 5 weeks ago but I wanted to ask you about it.
3.Can this be related to any std? 
Is so what can it be?
Ive really tried to not think about it but it pressist I just want to get over this whole thing

Thanks again!! I really apriciate your work!!!

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Edward W. Hook M.D.
99 months ago

Final answers:

1.  If your partner was not tested, her vaginal itching could have been almost anything and her doctor was merely guessing.  this however does not change my assessment or advice

2.I cannot imagine why your clogged ears or headache would be related to the exposure you describe either. Could it be stress?

3.  No, this is not suggestive of any STI.  As to what it might be, if not stress, you will need to ask your own doctor. the alternatives are beyond the scope of this Forum.

Please try not to worry., EWH.