[Question #2367] Combo test after 110 days

47 months ago
Hi Dr. Hunter
Today I am doing  the test combo ag/ab .thes test after 110 days. 

1. . Does the accuracy of the duo test increase or decrease over time? (since i know p24 antigen dissapears after a while?

2. Does the p24 antigen stay detectable and ONLY dissapear after antibodys have been made?

3. In th case i had not seroconverted the p24 antigen would stay detectable in the blood undefenetly and should have been detected by any of the three tests i had?

4. Can i be 100% sure i did not catch HIV?
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
47 months ago
1. The antigen goes away, but that's because antibiody appears. (It is the antibody that clears antigen from the blood.) So the antibody part of the test is positive forever.

2. Yes.

3) If antibody did not develop (seroconvert), antigen would persist. That's why the duo test, once positive, remains positive for life.

4. Yes, as discussed in your previous thread.

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