[Question #2381] HSV1 POSITIVE

45 months ago
My HSV1 igg number has come in at 35.40. This is A high number in my opinion. I continue to feel inner thigh irritation while walking especially. Scrotum pain when sitting and walking. Lower abdominal pain on one side. Bowel movements irritate my rectum after I wipe ( this has been going on for several weeks). I have some red lesions on my scrotum spread out. Very small and mainly on viens. Do not look like herpes. My question is that can the prostatitis be causing all this genital discomfort and additional symptoms. Is it possible the hsv1 is not genital and is not related to the prostatitis? I am afraid to even touch my wife for the fear of shedding the virus. I know I need to go see my urologist again. Is it possible I have CPPS as mentioned often by Dr. Hunter?