[Question #241] Syphilis and HIV concern from Oral

96 months ago
I am concerned about a possible exposure to Syphilis and HIV from an oral encounter with a CSW.  A little of 11 weeks ago I had a CSW perform masturbation on me.  She spit into her hands rubbed my penis.  I have been very concerned with STD's and went to the local health department for testing.  This was at 11 weeks after exposure.  While there they tested me for several STD's including syphilis and HIV.  Both HIV and Syphilis came back negitive however after the test results I read that it should have been performed 90 days for syphilis and 6 months for HIV.  I told the nurse my exposure timeline and she did not say anything and continued with the testing.  Do I need to get retested?  Is this test accurate.  I am very scared and keep having feelings that I am infected.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
96 months ago
Welcome to the Forum.  You do not need further testing and can move forward with confidence that you were not infected by the exposure that you describe.  First no STIS are transmitted through contact with saliva, instead requiring DIRECT contact for transmission. Similarly, there are no risks for STI transmission relate to receipt of masturbation, even if your partner touched her own genitals in the course of the event.  Finally your tests are now conclusive.  Recommendations that testing is not conclusive until 90 days have passed are overly conservative and misleading.  My advice to you is to not worry further and to move forward without concern.  EWH