[Question #2415] HIV Risk?

47 months ago
Dear Doctor,

How are you?

I accidentally shared a water bottle with an escort at a friend's place. We probably drank from the same bottle within seconds-I don't remember very clearly. I have inflamed gum and my gum sometimes bleeds from brushing. If the escort had broken lips/gum and left some blood on the water bottle, was I at any risk of getting HIV by drinking from it?

I look forward to your kind help!

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
47 months ago
This is at least your 6th post which after reviewing all of them, most of them relate to low risk activities.  As Dr. Handsfield has indicated to you in the past, HIV is transmitted ONLY through DIRECT SEXUAL CONTACT and through INJECTION INFECTED MATERIAL deep into tissue.  HIV is not and has never been transmitted in food, by sharing eating or drinking implements, by kissing, or  by touching (including touching of infected material to scrapes and cuts).  Further, dental or gum disease (and bleeding) is NOT a risk for acquisition of HIV.

The events that you describe are NOT risk factors for HIV.  You DO NOT need to be tested in relationship to the encounter that you describe.  EWH