[Question #2417] STDs Reassurance !!

46 months ago
Dear Doctor,

I don't really feel cpmfortable coming back to the forum to ask a question as Dr. Handsfield predicted I would. However, i don't feel so paranoid about what i did, it is just that i need to snap out if my thinking cycles by hearing a professional doctor opinion. 
So, i ended up spending around 3 hours with the two ladies. In the beggining, i controlled myself, so they were both giving me a hand job and kissing me, at times it was deep tongue kissing. I did also finger both of them which involved so much vaginal secretions on my fingers which are at some points licked by one or both of them and after that we would be kissing, so there is the possibilityof getting thier secretion in my mouth through this scenario, i tried not to kiss after and give it a while but it is hard to judge how long was the window since they sucked my fingee before kissing them. 
They both also gave oral to each other at some points. Now for the second round, they performed oral on me using a condom as they knew i would be more comfortable with it, one of them spit too much on the condom that her salive travelled down to my anus. After that they changed the condom and i started the vaginal intercourse with one of them. After a while, they changed the condom which was intact and i started with the other one. They insisted on changing the condom when switching between them which im not sure a good or a bad sign. I did changs a third time and returned to the first lady and then completed by pulling out and stroking myself to completion. During all that there was a lot of kissing sometimes deep and lip bitting and general body kissing.

Given the answers i got from Dr. Handsfield, i wasn't paranoid but i just wanted to hear more about the specific events. 

My question would be: based on all the events described, did i put myself at risk for STDs espcially HIV and do i need to test or just get on with life, i dont have a regular partner to worry about them ??? Al

Thank you Doctor in advance. 

46 months ago
Also, is condom protected oral and vaginal given condoms dont break which thankfully was the case for last night, is this conaidered safe sex if i were to continue as i find it amuzing. ???
46 months ago
One more info, one of them had lip, nose and nipple piercings. I just thought this information could be important.
46 months ago
This is the last thing im adding as i just remembered it, the other one had three red pimples on her butt cheek, the pimples were close like forming a triangle. 
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
45 months ago
I'm sorry you felt the need to return -- especially since I really have nothing to add to my replies in your previous thread. It sounds like the exposures were condom protected for all parts of the exposures that might have carried some risk. As discussed last time, fingering and kissing are not risky for STDs, and oral sex is low risk without condoms and zero risk with them. Your partners' piercings make no difference and neither to pimples.

You really shouldn't be worried at all. I see no need for testing for any STD.