[Question #2451] Respected dr hook/hunter HIV /hep hands cut to object then cuts me no risk

45 months ago
Good day to you dr hunter and hook . 

I have questions regarding hepatitis,c /b  and HIV transmission from transfer from someone's hands cuts the object and then I get cut with is zero risk I will try answering my own question on what I read from medhelp 

1) important question we  have kite flying festivals millions of people have them . You fly kites and attached the kite are  strings which allows you to fly the kite with your hands   . When flying the kites  the string cut your finger /hands bleed a little 
                 My worry now is my colleague  has hepatitis or HIV is  flying the kite he cuts himself with string and gets blood on it   and then passes the string to me and I  get cut with it is no risk ,the string normally it's always moving as the kite goes higher in air  doesn't stay in same place   I have been doing this for 15 years . 

2) salon question: cuts form Baber tools is no risk surely then eye brow threading and cheek threading is no risk also . If the barber has  HIV and heptatis b,c and she cuts herself and blood gets on the thread and that thread cuts my . Cheek ,  threading only involves plucking hair out . Very minor cuts 
3) Cuts from dental tools for e.g dentists wears gloves for his protection but maybe adjusting my teeth he cuts his hand  with a tool and then I get cut  on gum with tool is no risk .huge or tiny cuts that bleed 

 Reason why it's no risk 

4) Dr hook I read on medhelp a woman feared nurse bleeding finger touched a needle , your response was :I have never heard of HIV and hepatitis b/c passing from person to person from hands any  blood coming out from bleeding finger of nurse would be nonifectous . 

This means if a person cut his hand and got blood on on my object(solid not hollow) that cuts me nothing can be transferred to me no risk hiv or hepatitis as they will be nonifectous 

5) Dr hunter says you cannot get HIV or hepatitis from cuts object environment so it doenst matter how many seconds   I get cut with an object  repeatedly correct ? 

6) if martial arts in which you get cuts from people hands when you fight  immediately can bleed  is no risk for hepatitis c,b or HIV  then surely if a person cuts an object got a little blood on the  object that immediately cuts me over and over again   is certainly no risk This is  only theoretical 
I have never feared cuts ever huge or tiny from objects regardless of how immediately they occur may I forget thanks 
I can send a link for kite flying if I was not clear .  

Please help further 

45 months ago
Spelling correction : for q5 meant doesn't matter how many "seconds Later"I get cut with object instead of just saying "seconds" . And I can continuously get cuts without worry 
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
45 months ago
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question.

Your own self assessment is correct:  you needn't worry about risks for any blood borne infections from these sorts of contacts or events. Even the busiest clinics that serve persons with hepatitis B or C, and busy HIV/AIDS clinics, never see patients whose only possible exposures were things like this. Everyone has past histories of the obvious risky behaviors and exposures, i.e. unsafe sex or very obvious blood exposure like transfusion with infected blood or shared drug injection equipment. The absence of any exceptions proves the point that other kinds of exposure are zero risk, or at least such low risk that they can and should be ignored.  To your specific questions:

1) I cannot imagine any risk from handling kite strings, even if previously handled by infected persons and even with cuts on the hands.

2,3) Nobody has ever been known to catch blood-bone infections because of cuts or injuries in salons, or from dental procedures.

4,5) I agree with Dr. Hook's response and my own previous comments.

6) Martial arts or other contact sports probably can transmit blood borne infections, but uncommonly. This would occur only if recent, still bleeding cuts come into contact with another player's actively bleeding wound. This is a very rare source of any of these infections, but of all the ones you ask about, it's the only one with a slight risk.

My final advice is that you ignore the biological reasons why these risks are low or zero. It does not matter whether or how rapidly the virus dies outside the body. It doesn't matter what cuts you have or how often. What matters is that such transmissions do not occur. The reasons are not important.

To avoid HIV and hepatitis A and B, get vaccinated against hep B; do not have unprotected sex with high risk partners; and do not share drug injection equipment with anyone else. Then forget all other possibilities.

I hope this information has been helpful. Let me know if anything isn't clear.


45 months ago
Thank you  for your response 

Well I if don't have to worry about cuts anymore now ?  

First thank you for listening 

So if I fly kites let me just say that the strings that are used to fly the kites are meant to cut you repeatedly . Because other kites that are flying you have to basically take them out of the competition and if your string is strong basically a bit sharp then you will easily cut the other strings that are flying which them bring down other kites  and When you hold the string it almost guarantees you get cut sometimes you notice cuts  sometimes you don't . And we use bandaids also once we get cut

This is how the strings look like they are bit sharp not get getting cut is not an option 



Link above on kite flying but you can't see string in video  as I don't think anyone has asked this question 

follow these things : 

1)  remember what doctor hook says it cannot be passed from person to person any blood that was coming about from the bleeding hand /finger or any part of the body that got on the string  in my case or other objects will be non infectious for HIV and hepatitis c or b  . There fore I can  share the string immediately and got cut with it I won't get infected   .i can repeat this action for rest of my life  and get cut repeatedly regardless of cuts or wound I get from object or string   and  then later getting exposed to the string to my already existing  cuts  when  I share the string again .   

1) remember what you say about environment  . object isn't important because nobody gets HIV or hepatitis b,c  from environment. 

blood got on the object bleeding hand/finger or any other part of his body  because of cuts or other reason is no risk because blood coming out from hand or other part of the body had left the body and entered environment  .

There I can get cuts with object  or the string in my case if that was shared immediately  and no risk to my fresh cut that came in contact with the string again because I will be having new  cuts when I will be flying the kite  and sharing the string . Any immediate sharing of object is no risk . HIV or hepatitis b or c 

3 Simple equation person wounds or cuts got blood on object which came out from his body   And I get cut immediately with object is no risk from the person who contaminated the object for HIV or hepatitis c b  .  And if my wound is exposed again to the object  at the same area  is no risk and avoid it . . 

Finally this is not drug injection equipment(syringe ) and not direct trasmission 
 No reason to fear cuts anymore but please have a look at the kite string many many thank you 

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
45 months ago
This isn't a debate. These comments do not change my opinion or advice. You are not at risk of blood borne viral infections from these sowrts of activities. If you remain concerned about being cut by kite strings, I suggest you wear protective gloves.

45 months ago
Thanks for the reply 

1)I think it's safe to just read your first reply and I how I correctly  assessed own risk as  on the first post we made as zero risk . 

              . I think wearing gloves would be a step backwards would you agree ? Since it's no risk no need to wear gloves  because I don't see anyone wear gloves also when flying kites with that string even though we get cut 

2I should just use my own hands and forget all other possibilities and just follow dr hooks  e.g which I explained on my first Post which was question number 4 (nurse bleeding finger ) and just apply it to my kite flying and you agreed on the comment therefore nothing has changed no risk for HIV or hepatitis b and c 

3)So no need to worry about hepatitis c,b or HIV  correct just resume my kite flying as per today with sharing string etc 

4) this is just a different question I am sure is okay and safe I have eczema so assuming my barber has HIV and hepatitis b and c I can safely have face and head massage on my scalp and not worry about cuts and ,nicks or anything from barber hands. His hand condition  bleeding or not or cuts I get on face and scalp from his hands  don't matter surely if martial arts is only therotical risk then I can have all the massages on face and hand or anywhere on my body and not worry if the person massaging me cuts me or nicks with his hand . 
              need to worry about HIV or hepatitis b,c  or other stis when getting massaged by a person of unknown status correct  even if his finger or had a little blood or cut   And me having ECZEMA does not change  I can have all the massages and not worry about cuts from babrbers hands  ? 

5) most importantly from your first post as you say the best word is disregard all other possibilities is the way to go and not focus on biological reasons . If it doenst happen why care ? . Just don't have sex or using needles with infected people and I won't get HIV or hepatitis b or c for the rest of your life . And don't worry about cuts and etc or other human interactions . 

So thank you it was a pleasure talking to you may  you just tell me again how to avoid HIV hepatitis b,c or other stis and I won't have to worry about other possibilities again 

Good day to you dr hunter 
Kind regards 

45 months ago
Just to let you know on your first  post you wrote if you don't have sex or drug injection you won't get HIV or hepatitis b, A I am sure you make typing mistake and you meant you won't get hepatitis c .  Because hepatitis A is  only food disease I think  . 
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
45 months ago
1-3) I don't understand how wearing gloves, when handling a string that can cause cuts, is a step backward. But I agree it won't make any difference on risk of blood borne infections. For sure no need to worry about them.

4) People with eczema don't have any more frequent HIV infections than anyone else, even if eczema involved skin comes into contact with other persons' blood or body fluids.

5) You correctly understand my advice.

6) My comment above about vaccination applies to both hepatitis A and B. Correct that hep A is not transmitted through blood. You won't get hep C from the sorts of things you described above because there is no risk -- of course unrelated to vaccination.

That completes the two follow-up comments and replies included with each question and so concludes this thread. I hope the information has been helpful.