[Question #2501] Post Chlamydia Diagnosis Questions

43 months ago
I was just diagnosed with chlamydia at local health clinic but was rushed through next steps and wanted to confirm some things. See summary and questions:
-3 weeks ago I broke up with girlfriend of 5 months, and we had been having unprotected sex for ~ 1 month (before the relationship I tested negative for STDs at annual screening)
-1 week later I started feeling strange discomfort in uretha and pain urinating on two mornings when I was hungover.  No discharge (potentially small amount) or visible signs of anything.
-Made appointment and went into health clinic, they prescribed me a week dosage of doxycycline.
-Around this time, my ex-gf told me she tested positive for chlamydia, negative for other STDs at annual check-up.
-I am now on day 6 of doxycycline and still have a slight discomfort / small itch in uretha from time to time and did have some slight pain urinating this past weekend morning after drinking alcohol.
-Tonight I went back to clinic and they confirmed positive chlamydia but negative for gonorrhea (and negative for other STDs via a blood test - HIV, not sure what else)
-They then gave me shot of Ceftriaxone and prescribed two tables of Azithromycin 

So my questions to you are:
-Does all this make sense in terms of how clinic handled it / anything else you recommend?
-When should I be concerned if uretha discomfort has not gone away? I will finish doxycycline tomorrow and take the Azithromycin... when should I go back to clinic if lingering symptoms?
-When is it acceptable to resume sexual activity with a new partner? I will certainly use a condom but still want to wait appropriate time
-Finally, should I get a follow up test for chlamydia to confirm antibiotics have worked? If so, at what point?

Thank you so much!!
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
43 months ago
 Welcome to our forum. I will be glad to comment. Your ex girlfriend did a good thing by telling you that you had been exposed to chlamydial infection. This allowed you to be treated with a recommended therapy for your infection even before your test results were available.  Doxycycline is more than 97% affective against Chlmydial infections.  Given the fact that you test for other STI's have been negative, I doubt that the urethral irritation that you mention is of consequence or concern.  My advice would be to finish your medications and then move forward without the concert. Should your symptoms persist more than two weeks following completion of therapy it would then be good to be reevaluated. 

 As far as resuming sexual activity is concerned, once you have finished your current medications resumption of sexual activity should be fine and not a concern for you or your sexual partners.   There is really no need for follow up STD testing unless your symptoms recur or persist. 

 I hope my comments of been helpful. If any part of this is not clear or if there are further questions please feel free to follow up. Take care. EWH
43 months ago
Ok great - thank you very much, appreciate the quick response.

I will let you know if I have any further symptoms but otherwise will move forward. Thanks!