[Question #2505] herpes exposure

44 months ago
Dear Dr/s ,
 20 hours ago i had an exposure with a csw which i met in a bar , the exposure was as follow : we have little kissing , she performed unprotected oral on me and i performed unprotected cunnilingus to her , then we had protected anal penetration with little vaginal penetration , the condom slipped for 1 time but that was while i was getting my penis out of her so i didnt penetrate without condom , after that happened i wore it again and completed the encounter .
the problem is that  after we finished i noticed some sores around her mouth , exactly up and down her lips from the left half of her mouth i was chocked that i didnt notice or see this before the exposure , i asked her if this is herbs and she said no , she said that she had fever the last two days and this is some normal sores caused by the high  temperature that she had . actually i didnt believe her  . anyway 2 hours after she left i went quickly to the pharmacy and the doctor gave me the following medicins : 
-zithrocon 500 mg ( i take 2 tablets = 1 g azithromycin ) 
-zovirax cream 2g , i used it immediately on my penis and also on my lips and around it .
- aciclovir 400 mg ( i take 2 bullets in the day ) 

i also need to mention that i have genital warts for around 18 months now  and i have a small wart now on the top of my penis .
now i am asking about my odds ,
1-  what if this was herpes sores ? how is my chance to get hsv on my mouth and on my genitals ? and how is my chance for other std ? 
2- could she be true and her sores are normal ? 
3- could these medicines do any help in preventing acquiring hsv or any other std ? 
3- shall i continue the dose of the aciclovir 400 mg for the next 3 days as the doctor told me ? 
4- about my kids and my family , what shall i do to protect them and who can i know that i have hsv or not from this exposure ? 
finally i need your opinion doc about my odds in this exposure . 
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
44 months ago
I am quite sure from your description that they are cold sores, which are caused normally HSV 1.  Have you ever had a cold sore on your lips or in you nose?  If yes, then you are very unlikely to get HSV 1 from her.  If not, I would say there is a very good chance that you will get genital HSV 1 from this encounter if she had a lot of active sores present at the time she gave you oral sex.  You could be infected with HSV 1 already and now know it.  I would suggest that you get an IgG test for HSV 1 and 2 now to see what your status currently is. 
She is incorrect - she likely doesn't know that cold sores are caused by herpes.
I doubt that you have had enough medicine to prevent you from getting herpes in this situation.
you can continue taking the medicine, sure, no problem with that, for three days. 
If you acquire genital HSV 1 from this encounter, only people with whom you have sex will be vulnerable - not your children at all.

44 months ago
Dear dr.
i am very scared and my worst nightmare are getting true . today while i was in shower i saw a red spot on the upper part of my thigh exactly beside my genitals but not on my penis or my testis but so close to them ,  it is not painful or itchy till now .
i am sure that i am infected now and this will very badly destroy my life specially my relationship with my wife she may leave me and i have 3 children , i cant imagine that such a mistake in 1 night will do all this to our life . 
now all what concern me is how to protect them , we are sharing towels and food spoons and plats , i have a 2 years old kid and he is used to kiss me and hang me all the time . kindly help me what  is the best i can do now .
and what is the difference between hsv 1 and hsv 2 ? and most likely which 1 i have now ? 1 or 2 ? 
i am really confused and dont know what to say or what to do , please help .

44 months ago
Sorry but I didn't say all my concerns in my first reply because of confusion . I just need to ask is there any possibility that this red spot is not hsv ? regarding the timing that it is some early ( now it is 34 hours after the exposures) also there is no fever or lymph nodes enlargements until now although the spot appeared . If it is hsv should it be ichy ? 
Please give some description about the typical appearance and timing of hsv lesions . also there is no thing around my mouth or lips although the exposure had some kissing . could it appear later? 
thanks for your great help
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
44 months ago
The first infection would almost always show up on the site of exposure - the penis shaft.  If you want to know if the red spot is herpes, you should go and have someone look at it in person.  My guess is that they will say that it is not. And this is too soon for herpes to show up.  If symptoms are going to appear, they will show up between 2 -10 days, possibly 14.  The lesions would look like water blister - they can be single or in a group.
I think you should get an IgG test now to see if you already have HSV 1 infection and then you don't have to worry about this. 
You do not need to worry about your children in this situation.