[Question #251] HSV1 very high range

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101 months ago



Unfournelty , I just had some good news and bad news. I was worried about Hiv and other STD. I am Hiv negative as well as the other std’s exept HSV 1.


I have questions about it.

I am single now but I am from middle east with conservative culture, and I know if I tell anyone that I have any std’s , I will look like very bad person. SO , Can I have regular unprotected sex

1-Do I need to tell my future partner about it?

I have not had any blisters around my lips. I only have spot on my gentle area and the scary thing that I have swollen in my head and I read that herpes may affect the brain.

2- Is there cure for it?

3- Can I transmit it to future partner since I have no current symptoms?

4- I am scared that it may progress to be HSV2 whch is more dangerous?

5-Can my HSV1 tramsit HSV 2 to my partner? I mean can my hsv 1 transmit hsv 2?

6-If I only have sex with only negative hsv1,2 partner , can I get hsv 2?

7-Finaly my numbers are very high

HSV 1 IgG, Type Spec 55.20

Do I need to go to see a doctor although I have no symptoms .

those are my result 


I do not have HSV2 , correct,? I am just having hard time understanding the result.

Thank you 


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Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
101 months ago
Good morning Aziz,
Have you ever in your life, even as a child, had a cold sore on your lip?  Have you had genital lesions?  Have you been the receiver of oral sex without a condom? Somewhere on your body you have HSV 1 infection, the virus most commonly associated with cold sores on the lip or in your nose.  In the US, more than half the population has this infection.  Unless a genital lesion has been identified that is positive by swab test for HSV 1, it is NOT considered a sexually transmitted infection.
So are you saying that you have, in your lifetime, only had sex with one person and that person is negative for HSV 1 by test?  I need a little clarification here.

There is no cure for either HSV 1 or HSV 2, no.
It is possible to transmit HSV 1 to a partner with no symptoms, yes, but we don't know where your infection is so I can't tell you how frequently you might be giving off virus without symptoms.
HSV 1 always stays HSV 2 - it never ever changes.  It will not transmit HSV 2 to a partner
Your numbers only suggest that you have a well established infection, other than that, the numbers don't mean anything in particular.  This is a usual value.
You do not need to go to a doctor at this point, no.  If you are having sex with someone who has tested negative for HSV 1, you may wish to talk to your health care provider about medicine to reduce the risk of infecting a negative partner. 
Herpes very very rarely causes an infection of the brain - about 1500 cases a year in the US - that's very rare.  If you have brain swelling, and I'm not clear how you know that, you should be talking to your doctor.

Please let me know what follow up questions you might have and answer my questions, please.

In summary, HSV 1 is not technically a sexually transmitted infection, it is very common, it does not turn into HSV 2 and brain infection is very uncommon.


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101 months ago
I am sorry i did not clarify my self. I had oral sex with csw 6 months ago. 
I had some redness and tiny spot on my gentles. And some spot in my body, but did not have any on my lips. I went before to dermatologist and he said that i dont have herpes when he looked at my penis.
I have some spot in my nose but i am not sure if they are cold sores. I also had lumps in my back of head

I am getting scared no , so if i have hsv1 in my gentle does it mean i may have hsv 2 or what?

If I have a partner that neg for both , can i transmit any easily or only hsv1?

My front of my head is swelling and i am getting x ray now.
Final Question: if I get marry and want to have a baby, will my hsv1 be dangerous on the baby? Or if i transmit hsv1 to my future wife, will that dangerous with pregnancy?
Is it dangerous virus or an easy one ?

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Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
101 months ago
When you say you had oral sex with a CSW 6 months ago, were you the giver or oral sex to her - your mouth her genitals - or were you the receiver of oral sex - her mouth,your penis?
Can you tell me more about the spots in your nose?  Is it inside the nostril?  Have you had them before?
HSV 1 is NOT HSV 2, no they are different viruses.
HSV 1 is not normally a problem for pregnancy but it would be good to know where on your body you have the virus so you can more easily prevent transmission to a partner.
So when you got the red spot on your genitals, a doctor looked at it and said it was not herpes?  Is that right?

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101 months ago
My penis was in her mouth. I went to two dermatologist and they said it is not herpes but i think they were looking at the second herpes.

The spot on my nose is above the one of the two nose entrance , it is part of the nose, i will add picture once i get home.

So you are saying if I have them in my gentle , i will transmit them to my partner. And if i have them in any other place in my body, i will not transmit them.

So if i dont have them in my lips, can i normally kiss my nephew?

Which doctor do I need to go to to examine herpes? Dermatologist or not?

Please excuse my English and im also typing with my phone
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Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
101 months ago
OK, so if you received oral sex from a CSW, the the area of concern is your genitals, not your mouth, in terms of this specific contact.  But you could still have HSV 1 orally or facially and NOT have HSV 1 genitally, so you see what I mean?  is the spot on your nose inside or outside of your nose?  We don't allow pictures to be posted on this website, sorry. If your HSV 1 infection is genital, then you could transmit this infection to a partner through sexual contact .  If you have it orally, you could transmit to someone else through giving them oral sex or deep kissing.  Kissing a child when you have no cold sore in not a worry in terms of transmission.  A dermatologist, yes, that would be good.  Your English is fine - this is just a very complicated topic when the site of infection is unknown.