[Question #2536] Can I move on with my life? rising s/co values and bad health

46 months ago
Dear Dr please help, I had several duo tests from different labs after a possible exposure(mentioned in my previous question), the s/cut off value never went above 0.21, today after 178 days I tested again & the value is 0.62, the cutoff is at 1. In fact my last test 5 months post exposure had a value of 0.11, I am very scared doctor, this s/co value is rising.

I have often been told that truly negative people always have cut off values below 0.3, is that true?

My agony comes from the varying level of assurances given based on the level of risk, my earlier advice of a conclusive result given by Dr Hook was based on the fact that I wore a condom but I don't have any idea whether it stayed intact since I did not see it when the CSW removed it & the sex was exceptionally rough. The other issue is whether the CSW was confirmed hiv +, I've seen varying level of window periods given based on the partner's hiv status.

My current health is extremely daunting too, since April I have had continued severe ear pressure/aches problems, nausea, sore throat, on/off fungal infections, joint aches, head aches & on/off diarrhea. In march I had night sweats with extreme fatigue & a rash on the hand.

Coming from a third world country I've spent a fortune on this nightmare.

This test 6 months post possible exposure was in my mind suppose to completely allay my fears instead it has brought them back. Should I continue testing doctor or can I put this all behind me & move on with my life, please guide me?
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
46 months ago
Welcome back, but sorry you found it necessary to return to the forum.

As Dr. Hook said, your exposure was no risk. Your test results already were conclusive. You have misuderstood something you read; it is not true that negative results always have numerical values under 0.3. Any value below the cut-off of 1.0 is negative. The numerical value is never the same on repeat tests; the very same specimen tested 10 times will given 10 different numbers. There is no difference between your recent value of 0.62 and your previous one of 0.11.

The symptoms you describe are not suggestive of HIV, and your test results PROVE you do not have it. As for having "spent a fortune on this nightmare", that was entirely unnecessary and is purely the result of your irrational anxiety. Stop testing:  you don't need to spend another penny on it!

Best wishes--  HHH, MD