[Question #2541] Kinky massage

46 months ago
Hello wonderful doctors,
I would like to say thankyou for sharing your knowledge to us anxiety ridden people.

I am based in London , England.
I recieved a massage from an attractive female Asian therapist.
She offered extra handjob for a fee. I am weak minded and I accepted, as I found her extremely attractive.
I let her masturbate me with oil. What I am concerned about, is upon nearly reaching climax, the lady started heavily spitting on my penis head. I was turned on,by her doing this , and I didn't think to stop her.

What stds should I be tested for?
What are timeframes , ghon and Chlamidiya? My main worry is hiv, is this plausible?
I am distressed that I have put my family relationship on the line,( parents)
I would not be able to cope with a severe diagnosis.
I have found a clinic in central London, freedom health  that offers a ten day hiv test called a PCR that I was thinking of paying for. Is this worthwhile doing? 
Should I hold out to twenty days?
I had a look on their site and the doctors appear to recommend this test, and that it is accurate, but not 100 percent.
Before I spend hundreds of pounds, which I am in the fortunate position to be able to do.I am seeking an expert opinion from yourselves.
Thank you so much.
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
46 months ago
Welcome to the forum. Thanks for your question.

First, don't beat yourself up over a very natural spur of the moment decision. You didn't do anything unusual or unsafe.

You were not at risk for any STDs from this exposure, and for sure not HIV. Saliva does not transmit HIV (in fact, saliva inhibits or overtly kills the virus); even using genital secretions as lubricant, there has never been a known or even suspected case of HIV transmission by hand-genital contact. Further, HIV is very rare among heterosexual women in London -- including sex workers, and regardless of ethnic background. (You could check with the UK Health Protection Agency to confirm this; I'm sure they have online information and probably a hotline or other phone service.) So the chance your massage partner had HIV is extremely low -- but even if she did, I reiterate this exposure carried no risk of HIV transmission.

Similarly, there are no known cases of other STDs being transmitted in this fashion. Theoretically, herpes or HPV could be so transmitted, but if it ever occurs with either virus, it is very rare. You are definitely not at risk, and for sure not for chlamydia or gonorrhea.

London's Freedom Health Clinic is highly respected; the director, Dr. Sean Cummings, is an internationally acclaimed HIV/STD clinician. I have not doubt Freedom Health will confirm that this was an exceedingly low risk exposure for which any and all STD/HIV testing would be for reassurance, not because of any actual ris. They probably would recommend against testing for HPV DNA/RNA (technically not a PCR test, but closely related) -- but I imagine they would accept your payment if you insist. Same for a syphilis blood test, urine gonorrhea/chlamydia testing, or any other STD test you might think of.

I'm puzzled by your comment about "family relationship" and your parents. No STD ever is transmitted in the household, no matter what kind of contact (assuming no sexual abuse/contact). No risk at all from sharing kitchens, towels, toilets, showers, eating utensils, etc. This isn't something to be at all worried about. Even if you have a spouse or other regular sex partner, I would advise continuing your usual sexual practices without worry of transmitting anything.

I hope this information is helpful. Let me know if anything isn't clear.

46 months ago
Thankyou for your reply.  What I mean by family relationship, is that I care for them so much , I was raised superbly but I feel I have let them down by letting my self get carried away in a slightly risky scenario. I am old enough to know better,  I should of placed on a condom. I will be anxious around them, until I get test results.
I will test, just because I am slightly anxious, but your reassurances will help me sleep.

The freedom health site, also say this is a no risk event so I'm a little bit more confident.
I thought I would ask a world renowned expert, so thankyou.

How soon can a ghon , Chlamidiya test be taken ?  The nhs helpline said 14 days , but I am willing to pay private, if I was directly your patient , what would you suggest? 

Many thanks again.

Great website by the way . 

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
46 months ago
Thanks for the clarification. I was worried you were concerned about transmitting infection to people in your household.

Nobody uses condoms, nor are they recommended, for exposures like this.

Chlamdia and gonorrhea testing is valid any time more than 4-5 days after exposure. (Actually, gonorrhea probably only 2-3 days, but chlamydia a bit longer.) NHS is being hyper-conservative if they really recommend waiting 2 weeks. There is no science behind such a long delay.

Thanks for your kind words about our services. I'm glad to have helped.

46 months ago
Thanks for your help. Last final question, something that I forgot about. I had a nightmare last night.Two weeks before this incident, I visited the same massage palour, just for massage. No penetration at all.
Though I did receive a handjob again. Her hands were clean.
At the end of the rub and tug, I was handed some tissue , to wipe my penis head clean.
I didn't pay too much attention to the tissue until I got it out of my pocket.
It had noticble blood splatters upon it. But my penis was not cut at all.
I am assuming the blood was from someone else, can infections pass from tissue to penis, if it was blood. Hep b and c, hiv?
I need to fix myself up, I am a mess, I don't like who I am anymore. This is not me,I fear I may be bipolar or something. I never used to have a sex drive like I do now.
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
46 months ago
It is difficult for me to imagine that she may have handed you a used tissue, let alone one with blood on it. If the blood looked fresh (bright red), probably it was your own. But even if it was someone else's, there is absolutely no risk of infection from the sort of superficial, trivial exposure.

 Your closing comments suggest a rather severe mental health disability. I strongly recommend you seek professional care ASAP. You could start with your personal physician, who may then recommend a mental health counselor or psychiatrist. I recommend this from compassion, not criticism. Good luck.