[Question #2548] As mentioned - iv come back to report my 3 month test

42 months ago
Dear Doctor
As mentioned by you, you said not to ask more questions and report when my 12 week test comes out. Iv done everything you recommended - no more tests except at 3 months and no researching on the internet.

Just a recap of my case - 
I went to a strip club and recieved oral sex ( my penis in her mouth ) for about 30 seconds . Out of fear and extreme anxiety I initiated PEP for 28 days . At 2 months post exposure I developed cold sores . At 13 weeks post exposure I caught a bad cold and bad throat.

However at 13 weeks post exposure I did a 4th generation HIV test. It was negative. 
Iv been getting skin allergies recently and I'm quite worried. 

I just want to ask if the 13 week test post exposure is conclusive ? Do I need to take another test ? 

Pls help

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
42 months ago
Thank you for your follow-up.  the result of your tests, as we have discussed earlier, are not unexpected.  These results are definitive- you did not get HIV from the encounter that you described.  There is no need for further testing.  You are in the clear from the exposure you have described.

Take care.  EWH