[Question #2727] Scared because of a stupid decision

41 months ago
Hello,  I had an experience a couple of days ago visiting with a prostitute.  I engaged in oral using a condom, and vaginal sex with a condom and also had a short period of anal sex also using a condom.  I know I could see the base of the condom the entire time so it was put on correctly.  I am now worried sick about possible infection from this event.  This was with an Africa American prostitute in Toronto, Canada.

When we finished I hadn't ejaculated so she used a handjob to finish me off.  

1: Would it be obvious the condom did not break?  I didn't notice any tears, breaks, etc. 
2: She used a bit of saliva to lube my penis after we had sex to provide the hand job?  Any risk from saliva?
3: could any of her vaginal secretions cause issues at the base of my penis beyond the condom?
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
41 months ago
Welcome to our Forum and thanks for your confidence in the information we provide.  Further, let me congratulate you on your practice of safe sex- condoms are the most effective mechanism for prevention of STD (including HIV) acquisition and correct and consistent condom use of the sort you describe will keep you safe.  Please try not to worry.  Even before I address your specific questions, let me point out that most CSWs do not have HIV and even with unprotected sexual contact, less than 1% of all unprotected sexual encounters with infected persons lead to infection- less than 1% of unprotected insertional rectal, less than 1/10th of 1% of unprotected vaginal and less than 1/100th of unprotected oral encounters lead to infection. Thus, even before you used the condom, your exposure was very low risk.  The condoms you used, reduced your risk by more than an additional 99%.  With that background, let's address your specific questions:

1.  When condoms fail, they break wide open leaving no doubt that they have failed.  Condoms do not break "just a little" or "leak".
2.  There is no HIV in saliva. Thus use of saliva as a lubricant is not a risk factor for HIV or any other STI.
3.  No, this sort of exposure at the base of your penis where the condom did not fail the condom is not a risk for HIV.

I hope these comments are reassuring.  EWH