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43 months ago
Dr.  HHH

I read your response to question 2747 "Did i infect my wife" that this person could have given ghsv 1 genitally to his wife by genital sex.  In your response to me previously you stated in your years of practice you have never seen hsv-1 genital to genital transmission.  So are you now saying genital to genital is a possibility and easy to transmit?

Since my last post to you regarding my stupidity of having my scrotum licked/sucked by massage lady, i still experience burning soles of both feet, cold toes (worse with socks and shoes on and sitting down), weird cool sensations in buttocks and down my legs, sometimes sharp pain in toes, etc.  This has been going on for 3-4 months.   A few weeks ago i had another pimple in a hair follicle between penis and right thigh with a normal pubic hair.  I pulled the hair and it came out easily and then the pimple heeled in 3-4 days.  Does this sound like ghsv-1?  My scrotum issues have mostly gone away but sometime still have cool sensations and sticky/sweaty bottom of scrotum.

Based on my constant symptoms is this ghsv-1?  Do you still think all my symptoms are all anxiety related?
Could my symptoms be prodrome symptoms related to ghsv-1?
Do prodrome symptoms ever go away if related to ghsv-1?
Do zovirax, valtrex, and famvir only help with shortening outbreaks or do they help with prodrome symptoms too?

 Im trying to move on but scared to infect wife.  But maybe thats too late... These constant pains have got me concerned.  I went to see my doctor and have a nerve test scheduled.

Please ask Terri Warren to weigh in on my concerns and previous posts. 
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
43 months ago
Sorry you found it necessary to return to the forum.

All three moderators on this forum have repeatedly advised that genital HSV1 can be sexually transmitted. As I said in your previous threads and elsewhere, it's uncommon -- but I never said it cannot happen. If you will more carefully read the other thread you refer to, you will see my answers there are in response to specific risk factors pertinent to that particular case. They do not change the advice I gave to your previously.

I only briefly scanned your other thread, but I stand by my advice there. To your current questions:

1. Your symptoms do NOT suggest herpes -- not even close! You are obsessed with a sexual decision you regret. I remain confident your problem is entirely emotional. 

2. You misunderstnad herpes prodrome. It causes symptoms for a day or two before a visible herpes outbreak appears, and the symptoms are pretty much localized to the exact area where the outbreak is about to occur. Your symptoms for sure are not a herpes prodrome.

3. Prodrome symptoms always go away when the blisters/sores appear. Prolonged symptoms are never prodrome. Herpes does not cause ongoing symptoms like yours.

4. Anti-HSV drugs cannot help the sorts of symptoms you have.

I'm glad you're getting medical care for these concerns. But don't get your hopes up. I doubt nerve conduction studies (or any other "nerve test") will be abnormal or will explain your symptoms.

Sorry we can't be more helpful. Let me know if anything isn't clear.


H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
43 months ago
I went back and looked at your previous threads in more detail. I would advise you to go back to them yourself and re-read them very carefully, concentrating on every word. I cannot give you stronger, reasoned, science-based reassurance than I already have.