[Question #2772] Just Wanted to Confirm Risk

40 months ago
Hello Doctors,

Reading the various form posts here, I am pretty sure I am at no risk of HIV infection, but sometimes I think it helps to hear from an expert , just to make 100% sure as every situation is a tiny bit different, so I hope you don't mind me asking.

Any risk from getting a lapdance from a nude woman in a strip club? I kept all my clothes on. Quite a bit of grinding on the crotch of my pants. There was dampness on my pants afterwards, but based on the location, I think it was my excitement that caused the dampness by soaking through my underwear and jeans. But of course, not 100% sure. Could I get infected in this way if they were her fluids and they soaked through to my penis?

Also, any risk from her hands wandering over her genitals and then coming into contact with a hangnail I had? I didn't notice any fluid myself. She touched my lips a few times too.

Thank you very much for your help in advance. I think I am worried as I have a wife and although I didn't have sex with anyone else, I think lapdances are a thing I will avoid in the future as I am feeling guilt. But would be nice to know if I could continue my sexual relationship with my wife or if I should get tested.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
40 months ago
Welcome to our forum and thanks for you confidence in our services.  I'll be happy to provide you with an answer and then provide some more general information which may be helpful to you going forward.  The answer to your question is that the events you describe were no risk for acquisition of any STI, including HIV from the activities you describe.  None at all an no need for testing of any sort. 

As a point of general information, let me tell you that no STIs can be passed through cloth. This is true no matter how thing the cloth is and is true even if the material gets wet with genital secretions- still no risk.

Secondly, there are no STIs, including HIV which can be transmitted from the transfer of genital secretions on a person's hands to another person.  Thus that the dancer touched her genital and then your hand or mouth is not a risky activity.  And the hangnail you describe in no way changes this.

I hope this response is help.  There is nothing for you to worry about from the activities you describe and no reason to abstain from unprotected sex with your wife.  Take care.  EWH