[Question #2854] HSV 2 infected (genital)

41 months ago
Hi Doc, here are the facts to my case.

1) I stupidly met up with a fellow male on a gay app site
2) We were naked, he rubbed our penis' together
3) We exchanged  unprotected oral sex (both gave and received)
4) There was also deep kissing.

However, during the oral sex I noticed a "red spot on his penis, somewhere between the base and 
his shaft. I immediately stopped and quizzed him about it. He said he suffers from acne and is 
 from a red spot down there, although he did have acne on his chest. The spot was a lesion, with no obvious 
yellow crust or oozing. However, about 44 hours later I have got a very small (and singular) red spot on the base of my 
penis too, where the hair follicles are. I have also suffered from a mild sore throat and fever too. 

I am now assuming I am the one of the very few to of contracted hsv II from frottage? I know a single 
lesion is unlikely for an initial outbreak, but I am hsv I positive too, never had a cold sore, 
just had it confirmed via a NHS blood test. Also, is 44 hours too early for symptoms? Could my 
mild symptoms be due to having hsv I? What else could have caused all these symptoms?  If these 
symptoms disappear within a few days, then that too would be atypical of herpes? 


Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
41 months ago
Wait! You have jump to the conclusion that you have ages be too based on a single very small red spot on him and another on you. I think this is quite ahead of reason in the situation. It is possible that he has HSV-2 and that the red spot was herpes but not necessarily likely. He could be having a pimple on his penis, just like he said.  I saw lots of men will spots on the penis and various other places in the genital area that we're definitely not herpes. If you've physically rubbed your penises together is possible that whatever germs were present there, if any, could be transmitted between the two of you I don't think that's very likely. The man STI to be concerned about with oral sex at least in my experience, is HSV one, the common cause of cold sores. You already have HSV one so I have no concerns about you contracting new HSV 1 genitally.   Since you have never had a cold sore, but you do test positive for HSV one, we cannot know if your infection is oral or genital.It is possible,If he does not have HSV one already, that you could have transmitted virus from your mouth to his penis.

I would suggest that you wait a while and see what happens with the little red spot. As you know, a sore throat and fever can't because buy many things, herpes would be low on my list. If the red Spot turns into a water blister or an ulcerated sore, I hope you will be seen right away and have a swab test done of the sore. As it stands now, nothing you have described makes me alarmed about the possibility of you having genital herpes.