[Question #2859] Hiv

44 months ago
Hello doctors
I've not had sex or shared any injection drug using equipment.
I am very anxious about hiv because I have had penetrative sex with escorts in the past.to my deep regret.
Tested and all clear.  

I have recently been working away from home and have been visiting fast food-cafes and resteraunts for food. Shared ketchup bottles, not checking the cutlery I was using
Not really paying attention to what I was eating, going about my life.

My girlfriend wants to have a baby, but these thoughts have suddenly entered my head.
I can't catch hiv/hep b/c from any of the above scenarios can I?
I feel guilty for not paying close attention to what I was eating.
Is this a mental disorder I am developing? 

Edward W. Hook M.D.
Edward W. Hook M.D.
44 months ago
Welcome to the Forum.  It sounds like you are anticipating a change in your life and working with your girlfriend to have a family.  These sorts of activities sometimes lead to reflection on the possibility of past risks and the safety not only of yourself but also the health of your girlfriend or a child.  From the sounds of things your risks are low.  It is important to appreciate that most escorts/commercial sex workers do not have STIs, including HIV and that these infections are relatively rare.  Further, these infections, as well as other STIs, are only transmitted from person to person through DIRECT sexual contact or through shared needles.  They are not transmitted through contaminated eating implements, shared ketchup bottles or other activities of daily living.  Your Negative HIV infections are strong evidence that you do not have HIV and should be believed.  I anticipate that to be sure, you may wish to seek additional testing for other STIs including a blood test for syphilis and urine tests for gonorrhea and chlamydia.  If you choose to have these tests, I urge you to accept and believe the results, which I expect to be negative, and not worry further.  The tests are very accurate and should be believed.  I hope that this response is helpful to you.  If parts of my reply are unclear or you have further questions, you may ask up to two follow-up questions.  EWH