[Question #286] So sorry - last question ever I promise

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102 months ago

Dear Dr Handsfield/Hook,

I am so sorry to be writing again. I tried so hard to calm down this weekend. I will never go for an erotic massage again even if it is no risk. 

I am still so worried about the decision that I made. The only thing I am really worried about is her vagina coming in contact with pimples/acne on my back. It sometimes pops and pus comes out and etc. 

Could I please have a little reassurance one last time. I promise I will never write in to the forums again. Just to remind you what happened:

I went for a massage she got undressed I was lying face down she sat on my lower back/buttocks and I am sure her vagina came in contact. She massaged me with her hands. 

Afterwords I flipped over and was giving a hand job. I have had HPV warts before and might have HSV2. 

Could you please give me one last assessment. I am truly truly sorry. If I just have something from you to read when I get worried this will help me out. If I don’t fix this soon my wife will leave me. I have not had sex with her in over a week she is really worried. Please help me and tell me what to do. I am super worried about HIV and have not been feeling well the last few days. No fever but pretty much everything else. I am considering taking your advice and going to talk to a mental health professional or an HIV testing service. Not sure which one I need. 

Happy holidays. 

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102 months ago
I've become so unhappy. The day I started worrying HIV was in the news all day due to Charlie Sheen. I see it following me around everywhere. Can I have sex with my wife? Doctor are you 1000% sure there is no need for testing? 
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H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
102 months ago
From my last reply in your most recent previous thread:  "I will ask that you not post any further new questions on this forum about this or similar exposures. The answers will never change!"

You have a psycholgoical problem, not one related to STDs. You were not at risk for any STD. You can and should have sex with your wife. You also owe it to yourself to get professional counseling. The notion that Mr. Sheen's reported HIV infection is related to your situation is irrational. Do you suppose he caught if from an erotic massage???

Your fears are not rational, way beyond what is normal to not be able to understand and accept the repeated science based reassurance you have had and your fears simply are not going to go away just because you hear the same reply again in different words.

We have helped you as much as we can post anything more about this on this forum. Indeed, continuing to respond to your questions is not in your interest; it is obvious that every reply simply triggers more anxiety and another round of "what if" or "yes but" questions, delaying proper professional evaluation. Please refrain from posting more questions here. If you do, they will be deleted without reply and without refund of the posting fee. Call it tough love if you wish, but that's how it will be.

Good luck to you--  HHH, MD