[Question #2889] Beginning of Candlyomas?

41 months ago
Hey Dr,
Thanks for taking time to answer my question. 
About 3 nights ago I noticed some redness on the shaft of my penis, leading from the base to the head, didn't think much of it. I do have some jock itch as well on my inner thighs. 
Last night, within the redness, I noticed what looked like some bumps. However, when the skin is stretched smooth, they seem to vanish.
There is some itching, and sometimes it does burn, but rarely.  
Also, there is a pink/red singular round thing that looks to be forming, also on my shaft, which looks bigger than the rest and worries me a lot. 
I went to a dermatologist today, and without insurance, was very pricey, but, I am nervous. He looks closely and said "that he really thought it was nothing, However, could it be a Candlyoma forming? It's possible but it's so early to tell" but "his gut tells him it's nothing."
Again, when I stretch the skin it almost seems to disappear, and when I roll the skin of the shaft between my fingers there feels like nothing is there, feels normal. The Dr gave me some antifungal cream and Cloderm, he said to alternate between the two creams and return in 5 weeks. 
Does this sound like Warts?
Can I be confident in him telling me it's nothing?
Would even an early forming Candlyomas disappear when stretched and would i be able to feel it when I roll it between my fingers?
Does it sound like a fungal infection?
Does it sound like any other STD?
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
41 months ago
You continue to have major misunderstandings about HPV, which I tried to make clear in your previous thread. Please read up on it. Two excellent online resources are CDC (www.cdc.gov/std) and the sponsor of this forum, the American Sexual Health Association (www.ashasexualhealth. org/stdsstis/hpv/). 

HPV does not cause itching or red bumps. Genital warts or other things caused by HPV take several weeks to show up, usually 2-6 months, sometimes more than a year.

And since you have seen a dermtologist, there is nothing else I can add without even examining you. I suggest you accept his diagnosis and reassurance.

To your specific questions:

No this doesn't sound like warts. Yes you can be confident in the dermatologist's opinion and advice. No, early condylomas do not behave this way. Since the dermatologist didn't diagnose a fungal infection, probably that's not it. And no, this doesn't sound like any other STD.

On my bookshelf is a book titled Color Atlas of Genital Dermatology. It is 300 pages long, filled with nothing but picutures of skin conditions of the genital area. Of those 300 pages, only 15 show STDs. In other words, the large majority of genital skin conditions are not STDs.

Continue to follow up with your dermatologist if you remain concerned. I will have no further advice. Do your best to stop worrying about all this!


41 months ago
Dr H,
I'm sorry if these questions seem redundant and bothersome. You provide an invaluable service, especially to someone like me, nervous, no insurance and has a distrust for Dr's. I have had some bad mis-diagnosis in the past and to be able to get the opinion from someone of your stature can be calming and invaluable. 
I have read up on HPV, mainly every post you've written. There might be some confusion on my part, However, it is my health and after all, I am frightened about what this could be, and being able to contact your, TRULY HELPS.  
The Dr wasn't sure what it was, by his gut, it wasn't a wart. He didn't say it was fungal but didn't say it wasn't. Gave me fungal cream in case it was. 
My questions I proposed to you were based off the info I rec'd from him and were questions he couldn't really answer, and I'm using you as someone to directly contact to cross reference info, rather than looking at Google and having a minor panic attack based off opinions or experiences that arent verified.
I also meant to ask if I would see a wart before it looked like a wart? Would I notice it before it was actually a growth? 

H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
41 months ago
Thanks for the clarifications, and for your kind words about our services. However, I fear you are expecting a lot more than we can deliver. We are not a diagnostic service.

No, you cannot see a wart before it develops the typical appearance. You will see nothing until and unless you actually have a visible wart. Probably that will not happen. If it does, it will be nothing to worry about. Genital warts generally are a minor inconvenience; you should not view them as an important health threat or problem.

Beyond that, I cannot guess at what a dermatologist cannot even be sure about on direct examination. My guess is that nothing is wrong, just your anxiety leading you to over-think normal variation in your genital skin. And if something is wrong, almost certainly it is not an STD, for the reasons discussed above.