[Question #2920] Fear of HIV

41 months ago

Hello doctor,

 I had a massage/SPA visit 11 weeks ago.  she didn't give me much massage and she gave me hand job and she was fully clothed.  I didn't stay in that place for long time.

Here are my fears.

1. After 2nd week I had a minor cold, stuffy nose and not really any high fever.  I was fine after that. Does this sound ARS?

2. I did a 4th Generation Combo Test at 28 days after the incident and it came back negative.  But I see its not conclusive until 6 weeks.

3. I did an unprotected sex with my Wife couple of times, Do you think she would have got something? She is fine so far.

3.  Now after 11 weeks of the incident I developed some cough and fever(above 100) for last 4 days and body pain on my back.  I checked with the doctor and they diagnosed me with viral bronchitis.  I am really worried that this could be due to the incident happened 11 weeks ago. because fever is still there for last 4 days.I also noticed this morning my stool was watery.

What is your opinion ? please answer me as soon as you can; it scares me lot.

Thanks for your help


H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
41 months ago
Welcome back to the forum, but sorry you found it necessary after our discussion a couple months ago.

Nobody ever acquires HIV from exposures like you describe. Directly to your questions:

1) ARS doesn't cause cold symptoms like stuffy or runny nose.

2) The HIV blood tests are among the most accurate diagnostic tests every developed, for any condition, and the results overrule all symptoms and exposure history. Your test at 4 weeks is around 98% reliable. That does not mean there is a 2% chance you have HIV. Even without testing, let's speculate there was 1 chance in a million you caught HIV 4 weeks before the test. The negative result would then mean the chance you have HIV is 2% of that, i.e. 1 chance in 50 million. Zero for all practical purposes. But you are free to have additional tests as you wish:  it's your money!

3) You cannot give your wife an infection you don't have. She is not at risk.

4) I see no reason to doubt your doctor's diagnosis. ARS or other HIV/AIDS symptoms do not mimic viral bronchitis.  You can't go through life attributing every twinge, sniffle, or cough to an entirely safe sexual event that you regret.

I hope this information helps settle your nerves. Really, mellow out. There is no chance you have HIV or any other STD from the massage event.

Best wishes--  HHH, MD