[Question #2949] HSV2 scare

41 months ago
Hi first I want to apologize for my first post. I’m not sure if it will be deleted, but I posted more questions I thought of in the comments. Honest mistake. To recap my situation: 10 days ago
I had protected vaginal intercourse with a condom at a massage parlor. Stupidest mistake I have ever made in my life. My wife and I have been struggling with our marriage and I went to stay with a friend last month and now my wife and I are trying to work things out. I am terrified I caught HSV2. I can’t eat, sleep or function through the day now. 
My symptoms:
Day 1 frequent urination with No burning but my penis felt irritated through the next 2 days. I was also checking obsessively for lesions so I don’t know if that’s why it felt irritated. 
Day 3 I found a rather large pimple with a  on my left butt cheek. At no point was there any contact with my butt and her genitalia. I get these often on both cheeks so I popped it, but now I’m wondering if this could’ve been a herpe sore. 
I went day 3 and had a 10 panel test done and found out I’m positive for HSV1 which I assume I’ve had for a while (I never have sores around my mouth though)
It is now day 10 since the event and I have not had any sores but I do have some itching on my inner thighs with no sores. 
I am so embarrassed and having anxiety attacks everyday over this whole event. I am just terrified that now that I’ve moved back in with my wife I could be asymptomatic and pass on HSV2 to her. Everything I have read online has told me that condoms offer no real protection from HSV2 and I could have no symptoms and pass it on. Is this true? 

Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
Terri Warren, RN, Nurse Practitioner
41 months ago
so I answered your questions on your previous post - please check it out.  Let's communicate on that other post, OK?