[Question #2958] Pneumonia

39 months ago
Dear dr HHH
This is my last question please.
I was coughing and  had phlegm, all of sudden I develop fever 38 in European mesuments  went to 39 . 
In2 Days I went to my dr , he sent me to  x Ray 
. He just called me : I have lung infection pneumonia. He  give me antibiotics.
I just want to reassure with you ( one more time). My pneumonia is not cause of hiv .
Because I know people with hiv have pneumonia.
I am on antibiotics 2 Days , no fever today. 
I’ll will wait for you comments. 
Thank you 
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
39 months ago
From your previous thread:

"Please note the forum does not permit repeated questions on the same topic or exposure. This will have to be your last; future new questions about this exposure, testing, and your fears about HIV or other STDs will be deleted without reply and without refund of the posting fee. This policy is based on compassion, not criticism, and is designed to reduce temptations to keep paying for questions with obvious answers. In addition, continued answers tend to prolong users' anxieties. Finally, such questions have little educational value for other users, one of the forum's main purposes. Thank you for your understanding." 

The briefest of replies:  People with HIV can get pneumonia, but of all people with pneumonia, the vast majority do not have HIV. Discuss with your HIV worries with your doctor if you remain concerned. Beyond that I suggest you go back and read your questions and our replies in all your previous threads. Concentrate on them, believe them, and accept the science based advice and opinions you have had.

This thread is closed. Any furhter qeustions along these lines will indeed be deleted with no reply of any kind.