[Question #299] secretions

93 months ago
Dear Doctors, thank you very much for your service, it has been of great help and I am extremely pleased with the Forum.
Question: As I told you before I had vaginal protected sex with a CSW about 4 months ago, I have noticed a small clear transparent secretion out of my pennis usually in the mornings and after urination, it is sticky and its kind of lubricant, is this normal or could this be a sign of infection, I think I have had this symtom over many years ago?  Once again thank you for your help.
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93 months ago
Sorry Doctors, I will like to add another fact that I think It could be important, this secretion usually happens inmediately before or after defecation, sometimes when I have an urge and I dont have a bathroom nearby.  After defecation and during the whole day and night I dont see anything else.
H. Hunter Handsfield, MD
93 months ago
Clear urethral fluid is normal in the morning; usually it's pre-ejaculate fluid ("pre-cum") following normal penile erections during sleep. And many men experience clear or white secretions during or after bowel movements, which can squeeze fluids from the seminal vesicles or prostate gland. With such symptoms going on over many years, probably you have no infection. If there has a been a recent change in frequency or the amount of secretions, it would be reasonable to discuss it with your doctor. But from all you have said here and in your other two recent questions on the forum, there is no reason to suspect any relationship to your CSW exposure 4 months ago. 

Best wishes--  HHH, MD